10 Healthy Romantic Food Ideas


Impress your V-Day date with a special, heart-friendly home-made meal and celebrate the most romantic day of the year in the comfort of your own home. Instead of spending loads of money in a crowded restaurant, get creative in the kitchen and surprise your significant other with a meal they will never forget.

We’ve made a list of 10 healthy, mouthwatering food ideas that will definitely stir up romance on Valentine’s Day. Feel free to experiment and let us know how your S.O. enjoyed these exceptional foods. Happy Valentine’s Day!

1. Chocolate Fondue

Valentine’s Day would lose much of its charm if we decided not to indulge in candy, cakes and chocolate. However, we don’t need to buy expensive treats when we can make delicious and affordable desserts on our own.

Chocolate fondue is the perfect way to tell that special someone that you love them, without harming their health and adding unwanted inches to their waistline.  Instead of buying a box of chocolate opt for the tasty, diet-friendly chocolate fondue with cut-up fresh fruits. If you really want a healthy dessert, combine heavy whipping cream and dark chocolate or cocoa for a rich dessert that goes perfectly with any kind of fruits.

Since the options are limitless, you have a chance to genuinely express your kitchen creativity and impress your significant other. We recommend including strawberries as the bright-red, heart-shaped berries are a popular aphrodisiac.

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