21 Myths About Vegan Diets


There are many things that people don’t understand about vegan diets. Just like any lifestyle, the vegan one has its share of good and bad when it comes to health. Don’t believe everything you hear – and just to be sure – here are some of the most commonly encountered myths about being a vegan eater.

1. All Vegans Eat Healthy

Many people believe that a vegan diet is inherently healthy. In order to debunk this myth, we need to understand what “vegan” means – according to most definitions, it is a diet that excludes all major animal products: meat, fish, dairy and eggs.

What’s left is pretty much fruit, vegetables and legumes. So, you’d think that someone who only eats fruit, veggies and beans would by definition be eating healthy. However, you’re forgetting that there are things that do not contain ingredients of animal origin but are still not exactly healthy – think of white flour, sugar, junk food and processed foods.

A person can be a vegan and still have an unhealthy diet, if he or she doesn’t eat enough vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and fruit. Some vegans eat a lot of chips, fries, candy, sandwiches and fast food and their diet is definitely not a healthy one. However, these examples are not particularly common.

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