21 Shocking Health Statistics


You may not be the biggest fan of statistics out there, but being aware of some alarming figures may help you reconsider your lifestyle and minimize your risk of disease. Even though some of these numbers may seem exaggerated or even too big to be true, the sad truth is that America’s health is deteriorating by the day and it seems that most people are neither aware nor interested in this rapid health decline.

These are the 21 most disturbing health statistics everyone should know:


Coca-Cola has been one of the most famous beverages in the world for more than one hundred years and the carbonated soft drink owes its unprecedented popularity to millions of people across the globe who can’t imagine life without Coke.
Whether you enjoy drinking it or not, one thing’s certain – Coca-Cola is not the healthiest drink out there and everybody knows it. Well, everybody except for one in ten parents who foolishly believe that Coca-Cola is actually a fruit.
To cut a long story short, food company Green Giant conducted a survey in Great Britain and found out that hundreds of thousands of caring moms and dads think that Coca-Cola counts as part of their recommended portions of fruits and vegetables per day.
To make things even more shocking, those people also believed that chips and fruit-flavored sweets are healthy whereas they were certain that oranges and bananas do NOT count as part of their fruit/veg portions.

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