21 Weird American Eating Habits


While many of these things that we are going to list are just everyday things to Americans, you would be surprised how strange they look to people from other nations. But that’s the beauty of America – we write out own rules when it comes to what we eat and how we it eat! When it comes to anything really!


One of the things that continues to baffle visitors to the United States is the ridiculous portion sizes of American food, whether it’s in a fast food chain, a diner or even in some upscale restaurants. Even at home, Americans tend to make their portions very large, compared to the rest of the world. There has been much talk about this issue over the past decade, especially in lieu of the increasing obesity epidemic in the United States.

The question of portion sizes is considered by some to be a myth and by others to be the absolute truth. While it is true that a cheeseburger or a milkshake will be larger in a fast food chain restaurant in America than in the same chain somewhere else in the world, say, in Europe, it is also true that super-sized portions are becoming something of a stereotype about Americans.

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  • ratched

    My DIL is from Poland. She can’t believe how horridly we eat here and when she is about 9 months pregnant, her Polish friends make fun of her about “looking American”now. However, SHE was stunned when she stayed with some Parisian friends for a few days. Dessert was a pear. Split between the 4 people dining.