20 Popular Drinks That Cause Stomach Bloating


5. Milk

The high lactose content of milk makes it hard to digest for some people and it could cause bloating. Adults no longer have the natural ability to breakdown lactose as they did when they were younger. This inability causes the stomach to work twice as hard and can cause a lot of discomfort, especially for lactose intolerant people. Lactose is actually a milk sugar which is digested by an enzyme lactase that can be found in the small intestine.

If there’s no lactase, lactose will start its journey through your bowel and finally it will get to bacteria who will gladly use it to cause gas and diarrhea. Lactose intolerance is usually related to IBM, and is often temporary, but there are some restrictions in food intake to help the symptoms.

You can even try this 48-hour test to determine whether you are lactose intolerant. Try cutting out lactose intake, or train your body and intestine to deal with it. If you see that your body responds well after 48 hours, ask a dietician to prescribe you a nutritionally adequate diet. Note that small amount of milk in your coffee or black tea won’t cause a bloated stomach.

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