Cleopatra Ate These 21 Foods To Stay Young


The last queen of ancient Egypt has been celebrated for her beauty secrets for centuries. While Cleopatra was famed for her use of cosmetics and beauty regimens, it appears that her diet also helped contribute to her youthful beauty and health.

The following 21 foods were on Cleopatra’s menu and if you want to experience their benefits, be sure to add them to yours too!


1. Beer

Beer was popularly enjoyed among ancient Egyptians. During Cleopatra’s time, royals would have been able to import beers from other renowned regions too. In addition to wine, Cleopatra’s table never lacked beer and it was enjoyed by both children and adults.

Although it was heavily consumed by wealthy Egyptians, beer was also the most popular drink of the poor. Not only were wages often paid in beer, but the pyramid builders living in the workers village of Giza also received beer three times a day. It’s interesting to note that beer was commonly offered to the gods.

Legends say that Osiris taught his people the art of brewing beer, but this work was left exclusively the women. Although beer could have been as intoxicating as it is today, there is some evidence that suggests that it was milder and more nutritious.

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