Excessive Sweating – 5 Foods That Make You Sweat


Have you ever wondered why you sweat after a meal or a drink? That could very well be because you have just consumed food that increases your metabolic rate or simply makes you feel warmer inside.

So what are the foods that can make you sweat excessively?

1. Alcohol

Alcohol consumption has a similar effect on your body as when the body is exposed to natural heat like being under the sun. Normally, under circumstances like that, the blood vessels dilate to allow more blood to pass through.

This process will seal off the outer layer of your skin to prevent heat from seeping in. Upon the consumption of alcohol, your blood vessels dilate in a similar manner and heat is trapped under your skin which eventually causes you to sweat.

This is primarily the reason why people who live in cold areas like the Kazakhs are known for consuming lots of whiskey during the winter.

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