Quitting Coffee – 15 Coffee Substitute Drinks


Coffee is one of the most common hot beverages consumed nowadays. Starbucks, the most popular coffee chain in the world alone, has over 20,800 shops around the world. That says a lot about how engrained coffee is in our system.

However, coffee does have its negative effects, especially for people who have diabetes, heart disease or low resistance to caffeine. If you are one of these people, fret not!

There are some healthy and delicious alternatives for coffee.

1. Chicory Root

Chicory root is the closest alternative to coffee when it comes to flavor and appearance. Its roasted aroma and deep flavor will make even coffee addicts reconsider. Chicory root is also prepared in a similar fashion to espresso coffee.

It is known for its long list of health benefits – it supports digestion, regulates sugar levels, detoxifies your blood, is full of antioxidants and unlike coffee, it reduces the heart rate.

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