21 Worst Foods You Can Eat


We all know that some foods are bad for us, but the thing we don’t know is just how bad they are. Why shouldn’t we indulge in these guilty pleasures when they taste so delicious?

Part of the answer lies in the question. Unhealthy foods are intentionally made to look and taste a certain way so people would buy them. Although you should probably avoid all the foods on our list, treating yourself to an occasional slice of pizza won’t kill you. Moderation is the key, but some foods can hurt our bodies in more ways than one and experts advise us not to eat them.

Here’s our list of 21 worst foods you can eat:

1. Bologna or Baloney

The famous baloney sandwich actually contains so many harmful ingredients that even one slice of it is bad for our health. Nutritionists say this is one of the foods we should completely avoid.

Baloney can be made from several different types of meat: chicken, turkey, beef, pork, venison or soy protein. That’s great, right? Wrong! Food manufacturers use the “worst” parts of animals in order to cut costs; not to mention the fact that the animals are often mistreated and fed hormones and other chemical concoctions in order to provide the manufacturers with the largest amount of usable parts. You end up eating bones, tails and nails mixed with chemicals to provide the proper color and taste.  Mmmmm, yummy.

Another problem is the amount of sodium, with one slice of baloney containing 300 mg of it. The recommended daily intake of sodium should not exceed 2300 mg and with older people that number drops to 1500 mg.

And take a second to think about the proverb ‘You are what you eat’.  Do you really feel like a set of chicken nails, eyes, feathers and who knows what else?

Respect your body, it’s your temple, after all.

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  • Olga Kim

    Cool Whip is NOT whipped cream.

  • liv

    No food can cause autism. ffs. get your facts straight. ridiculous.

  • Kitty

    So food is bad? That’s what this is pretty much saying. Anything in excess is not going to be good for you, but what it doesn’t mention is alternatives or other things that aren’t bad. You can just look at ingredients on anything and know what you’re getting, but don’t pick the worst thing of one thing. Yes, don’t eat doughnuts everyday, but the key is MODERATION and BALANCE.

  • Cess

    there is no scientific evidence that MSG can trigger cancer #donthateMSG #instantramenFTW ,ffs get your facts straight

  • Yuk

    a big balony sandwich…. Indeed, a lot of foodstuffs are terrible, but the reasoning behind this article is bullcrap…

  • truth101

    So eating is bad, sodium equals death. Pretty much everything in our modern day food supply is tainted. No mention of gmo, sometimes this shit seems like this seems like borderline fear mongering as if we should live off some bio – molecular vanilla paste. The real topper is pigs not having sweat glands so all the meat is toxic….. I’d say it’s cause they live in high density squalor. Facts in this article are shite at best…

  • Dresden PlayswithDeath Diaz

    Wow, people are so hurt by the truth.. The truth that in this country, people consume these foods on a daily basis, if not one, than the other- hot dogs, burgers, pizza, bagels, frozen dinners..it is modern day american food supply, and why we are the most obese country in the world.. make dinners at home using fresh ingredients, its cheaper than going to fast food daily. Open your eyes and realize that this is not how the rest of the world eats.. We’re being fed garbage because we dont ask these important questions until its too late. Noq trans fats are banned, because in retrospect we can see how harmful they were… but corn syrup,food coloring, and preservatives are all just as harmful.. Are our taste buds and pride greater than our common sense and dignity? I think not..

  • Karl

    Penicillin is a compound invented by man in a laboratory. Sulfa drugs were invented by man in a laboratory. Stupidity was not invented by man in a laboratory. and remember, aflatoxin A, aflatoxin B, and botulinus toxin are 100% produced by nature.

    And who was the guy that was hungry enough to figure out how to eat an artichoke?

  • Sissylynn

    It’s odd but, if I consume MSG at lunch today, I have no reaction. However; When I eat lunch tomorrow, it will almost immediately trigger a migraine.

  • James

    Except we’re not the most obese country in the world. Whether it’s good or bad for your health, people should be able to eat whatever the hell they want, though it’s important to know the risk; much like enjoying cigarettes.

  • magnus

    thou shall not eat swine, holds true… eat pork and die

  • BTW_6

    Who puts mayonnaise on their pizza???

  • King

    I am an agriculture instructor and there are so many false statements in this article. I’m assuming the person who wrote this has never even seen a cow. It is good to get your facts from someone in the field other then from someone who sits at home all day reading wiki.

  • luckycharms

    What the article is basically saying is that we should be cooking our food ourselves and not buying prepackaged foods. Rice, chicken, potatoes, turkey, occasional red meat and fruits and veggies. Please dont think a corporation has your best interest at heart or the government.

  • Karen Hardison

    Well I guess I have just stop eating PERIOD

  • Chefpaulo

    “According to the American Institute of Baking (yes, such an institution
    exists and they’re quite professional) the sales reached US$626.9
    million fresh bagel US supermarket sales (excluding Wal-Mart) in just 52

    Much more professional than you, journalism school flunk-out. WTF does this mean? Fifty-two weeks from when to when? Why was Wal-Mart excluded from this meaningless statistic?

    Along with the Cool Whip = whipped cream gaffe and a half dozen others, who let this half-baked macaroon attempt to write an article on something waaaay beyond their comprehension?

  • http://tugboatsonline.com Shaun Kane

    There are not too many parts of an animal that aren’t edible. Listen up Paleo dieters. The cavemen didn’t list by-products on the mammoth. Lame argument from the Food Nazis. I’ll give them the win on chemicals and preservatives, but if the guts and gills are chewable? They’re edible. I’d love to stay and chat, but my baloney sandwich on white bread (extra gluten) and mayo with bacon is waiting.

  • http://tugboatsonline.com Shaun Kane

    Anyone who likes mayo and pizza. Together.

  • http://tugboatsonline.com Shaun Kane

    Yeah, but it was on the internet.

  • catbell7cat

    my neighbor’s kid eats NO veggies except french fries that he covers in ketchup — he will go through a 24 oz bottle in one day — he has titties bigger than mine and is bullied at school for his titties – his mother tries to make him eat veggies but he refuses except for corn — oh and baked beans which I say have too much sugar in the bbq sauce — oh well he’ll be kicking the bucket before his alcholic father has to send him to college — the kid lives during the week with his mother and eats lunch at school – school lunches bake the ‘fries’

  • catbell7cat

    I pick up those vegan hot dogs — and they are great — no one would be able to tell by the taste that’s for sure — especially on the grill

  • lukebc

    I eat ALL of the stuff…… probably once every few weeks, if not months. Thus said, I eat whatever I want whenever I choose. I also run (NOT “jog”), cycle (serious cycling like up and down MOUNTAINS) and I swim about twice a week (1 mile). Did I mention I eat whatever I want? My cholesterol levels are at what the physicians dream of. My blood pressure is low. My pulse sits around 72 or so. I’m in my early 50s. Did I mention I eat whatever I want?

  • Donna Brelinski

    omg………..ramen noodles? what are college students going to eat? That’s our future, dammit!!!

  • phyllis19

    ok they say ramen noodles cause obesity my ass ive lost 40 lbs eating pizza and ramen noodles since may 2nd and im health no high blood pressure nothing.

  • Sandra

    You are also not suppose to eat shell fish. Tuna has a lot of mercury in it, why are they not mentioning that? Most of these people who write these types of stories are vegetarians…. Eat fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts, etc. all the time…Sorry, couldn’t stomach it constantly.

  • Jozef

    Oh, I love vegan ice cubes, PETA approved

  • spunkysmum

    I get the distinct impression that this article is based more on rumor, opinion and other questionably sourced websites and publications than it is on solid research and established fact. Some of the statements are patently false – like when it says margarine is tops on the list of foods for low-fat diets. On what planet? Nobody thinks margarine is a low-fat food. It is not a suggested food on any low-fat diet.

  • spunkysmum

    Does health-nut rhetoric trump facts and truth? I think not. Nobody is arguing that eating fresh food is not a good idea. There should be enough solid facts from reliable sources to prove that it is, so that nobody needs to bend the truth to make the case for it. No matter how right you think your cause is, it is not justifiable to use misinformation and make claims that you can’t support with solid evidence to further that cause. All we ask is that if you are going to make a claim as though you are stating a fact, you should be prepared to credibly back it up. if you’re not willing or able to do so, do not expect your two cents to be taken seriously.

  • CeeBee

    I have been eating organic for over a year and no longer eat beef or pork. People can laugh or dismiss what these articles say, but it is true. Our food supply is disgusting and the FDA is pathetic. They allow anything in our food if it fattens their pockets from Monsanto and the big companies that make the processed crap for us to buy and eat. It is up to you what you put in your body and knowledge is everything, the more you know about what goes into your food the better off you will be. How does it make sense to anyone that farmers spray our our food with pesticides and we eat it…how is that healthy. That is the reason we have so much childhood cancer…it is everywhere and everyone knows someone that is dying from it, that’s what our government is doing to us. They are now passing a bill for 2-4-D to be sprayed on crops now which is in agent orange because the pesticides they are using now are not working any longer…so hey let’s just use something stronger so we can have even more cancer…the pharmeceutical companies are loving it! People need to wise up! Contact your local representatives and raise hell if you have to. It has to change… for the sake of our kids and their future!

  • Keevin Prince

    As the old saying goes/ “If it taste good or feel good then don’t eat it or do it.” Just remember this fact that no matter what you eat, your going to die anyway so enjoy life to the fullest.

  • freshstart222

    So we can’t eat anything including salads.

  • freshstart222

    So go ahead and eat all the whipped cream you want — heavy cream and sugar.

  • freshstart222

    Grilling food causes cancer!

  • freshstart222

    Sounds good.

  • Olga Kim

    And you go ahead and eat all the Cool Whip you want–oil, chemicals and everything artificial. Bon appetit, TROLL!

  • Olga Kim

    And you go ahead and eat all the Cool Whip made with 100 ingredients, all made by scientists in lab coats. Whipped cream is all natural, made with just two ingredients, heavy cream and sugar, made by home cooks and chefs. Bon appetit, troll master.

  • Uncle_Salty

    You had me until bacon!

  • TheOct8pus

    Popsicles are not bad for your health….if you make them yourself!

  • Paul Vincent Romano

    and so is your heart attack.

  • Paul Vincent Romano

    it doesn’t work that way, its long term buddy

  • heathkits

    What a way to go!

  • heathkits

    How long did cavemen live?

  • just being me

    You are going to die no matter how healthy you try or do eat .. I say eat what you want but everything in moderation … I must admit everything on this list taste so good .. When they going to come up with healthy stuff that taste as well then we wont eat all the bad stuff ..

  • patcee14

    Not much left to eat, guys. Might as well become vegetarians.

  • patcee14

    Yes they are! Everyone I know eats all these listed foods almost every day of their lives. It’s the American diet. Look at the crowds at fast food joints at meal times. Look where high school students head after class. If it’s not hamburgers, fries, pizza, hot dogs or all the various frozen snacks available – it’s considered not food. My grandsons never eat vegetables. Never! They live on carbs. If you try to stay on healthy food only, you will be considered a weirdo. This is how America eats and it is sad.

  • patcee14

    I didn’t see salads listed. It’s the dressings that are bad.

  • patcee14

    My grandkids slop blue cheese or ranch dressing on pizza till you can hardly tell it’s pizza. Talk about bad food, but they’ve done it for years with their parents’ okay.

  • patcee14

    Learned behavior. You’re not born with a taste for junk food.

  • patcee14

    Keep on living in denial, people. Anything processed to death by industry is unhealthy.

  • patcee14

    And you are eating twice as much sodium as you should. That can cause inflammation in your arteries, leading to blockages. While you are enjoying that top ramen, think about how much fun triple bypasses are. Long term consumption of a lot of salt is never good. Look it up. Just google salt consumption.

  • TheOct8pus

    Did you even read my comment?

  • Miauen Miau

    hahaah these comments are the reason why the world is OBESE. :( Would it really be that hard for you to listen and just try and remove these from your diet?

  • Miauen Miau

    I bet the way you look changed when you changed your diet. Cheers to that. You are what you eat. Unfortunately most people can’t afford a fully organic diet… STILL… just as long as we get rid of processed foods and make smarter choices, that will sure make a difference.

  • Miauen Miau

    You work out a lot, then you eat whatever you want … You dont make a habit of all these foods. That is you. Most people sit on their butt and pack processed food calories. Saying you eat what you want and is OK does not mean all people can eat what they want..

  • Miauen Miau

    i have a feeling you are bullying him yourself.. i am sure there are other ways to express the massiveness of his titties.

  • just being me

    I could be wrong but since you are not born yet I dont think you have a taste for anything so dont really see your point ???

  • Tad Pole

    Trying to argue with Nazis, the food police and control freaks is pointless. Enjoy what you want and keep it in moderation.

  • freshstart222

    So f it tastes good, its bad for you.


    Cooking vegan is just a real pain in the a$$. They always start screaming and flopping around when you thrown them on the grill.

  • Cave Manus Expertius

    100 years, unless eaten by a T-Rex or captured by a Sleestak.

  • Hannibal Lecter

    I did not see people on the list, anyone want to come over for dinner tonight?

  • LindaK

    Cool Whip is NOT whipped cream. What is listed about Cool Whip is basically correct — you just should have made it the list entry instead of “whipped cream”. Or don’t you know the difference?

  • Buffet Buffetmr

    and when you eat one, you’re always hungry in another hour

  • chef

    And a little Vanilla

  • Pahtrisha

    Real Cream/Whipped or otherwise is actually a healthy fat – Cool Whip is an artificial mock cream. You don’t need to add anything to real cream – sugar is not necessary unless you want to make it an unhealthy choice like Cool Whip. Like all fats – real/pure cream must be eaten in moderation. But it is not unhealthy like Cool Whip at all.

  • Pahtrisha

    This article is stupid. Many countries don’t add sugar and/or sodium to everything as does the USA. Emulsified cheese is bad – mock cheese is bad but pure cheese in moderation is good.

  • tonyguy12

    and on the whipped cream, the writer uses the term “toxic” in relating the ingredients. That is a HUGE overstep of the definition of the word toxic. Again, the anonymous “writer” is just using scare tactics; calling these ingredients toxic (hydrogenated vegetable oil, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, skim milk, light cream and less than 2% sodium caseinate, natural and artificial flavor, xanthan and guar gums, polysorbate 60, sorbitan monostearate) is very, VERY close to being a LIE. In fact, informally, that is exactly what I’d call it. A LIE.

  • rune

    “This means that you are more likely to get sick by eating bacon!”someone care to explain how cooked bacon,which eradicates germs and viruses through heat, is likely to cause u to get sick? gahahahhahahahahahhahah

  • bee

    MSG does not trigger cancer.

  • Bee

    It’s not the diet that made the difference in lifespan. It’s the germ theory of disease and sanitation practices.

  • Ed McAninch

    Good heavens, I am glad that someone with some sense has called these clowns out.

  • ben

    Ok follow these instructions and you will die anyway of nothing and miss all that good stuff.

  • crazyhorse

    They just took all the enjoyment out of eating.

  • Vinnie Vega

    This article is total crap. While yes, you may live longer and experience fewer heath issues while not eating any of these foods, but you will lead one gastronomically boring life. I’ll take my chances. Oh, and spare me the holier-than-thou responses, I’m not interested in your ‘replacement’, ‘it’s tastes almost like (insert bad food item here) foods.

  • http://www.facebook.com/phil.hughes.35728 Phil Hughes

    I’m 68 years old and have enjoyed everyone of these foods. I still enjoy a good hot dog with all the trimmings on a white hot dog bun. A charcoal grilled hamburger with cheese, onions, lettuce and tomatoes and lots of mayo, fries on the side along with a couple of cold brews completes a fine summer day.. When I get my Pumpkin pie served up after a great Thanksgiving meal, it darn well better have a healthy dose of whipped cream on top of it. And I don’t much care if is Cool Whip or the wife made it from scratch. I never cared much for jelly beans but if I sit down at an event and there happens to be a bowl of them on the table, I will probably pop a handful of them. Instant noodles I always thought were pretty stupid but on a camping trip they sure are easy to carry and after a 10 mile hike they taste pretty good too. Bagels and Cream Cheese, when I was working, occasionally I would to stop by the store and pick up a couple dozen bagels and some cream cheese to keep the troops happy during the morning.

    What I’m saying is that, in moderation, not one of these items is going to hurt you. Not a single one and I’d say that most households have these items in the refrigerator right now. However this article tries to make it sound like these foods are purely toxic and if you should ever allow one to enter your system there is good chance that you will die from it. Hogwash!

  • BJimenez

    I refuse to give up doughnuts and hamburgers. They taste way to awesome.

  • Jim Kelly

    Mac and Cheese should be on that list

  • jgmitzen

    And the sabretooth tigers and giant bears back then played a part. North America wasn’t populated until the short-faced bear (tall enough to look a man in the eye and capable of running as fast as a horse for small distances) died out there, for instance.

  • jgmitzen

    So what? We’re still living longer then ever. Hamburgers or pizza aren’t going to kill anyone.

  • jgmitzen

    >Penicillin is a compound invented by man in a laboratory.

    While manufactured today, penicillin was discovered as a component of bread mold, where it occurs naturally. But otherwise you have a great point. I have family members who freak out about “chemicals” in foods and how many ingredients there are in modern foods. I have to remind them that we’re all chemicals.

  • jgmitzen

    Organic doesn’t impart to you any more nutrients. Worse, cows pee on your food (seriously). Outbreaks of salmonella are actually several times MORE likely with organic produce for this reason. The “organic” label can’t apply to normally produced fertilizer/nitrogen which is *extracted from the air*, so to do “organic” certified farming you have to truck in manure from much greater distances which adds more pollution to the atmosphere. Organic farming also produces half the food per acre as modern farming. As has been stated by others, I’m sure a lot of folks in countries with high rates of famine are real proud of your intentionally diminished crop output. Big business love it because they can charge you twice as much for the same product, too.

    In short, organic food is no better for you and in some ways more dangerous, it raises pollution levels and erases all the gains of modern agriculture as the population of earth continues to rise and feeding those extra people becomes even more of a challenge. And of course with the higher prices only the rich hipsters can afford it. In the end, there’s no benefit and it’s a terrible idea that only appeals to pseudoscientific hipsters. If I was going to contact my legislator it would be to insist that it be illegal for anything to pee on my food.

  • jgmitzen

    Please don’t think that people in businesses or politics sit around dreaming up how to kill you either, which is the mindset of a lot of comments here.

  • jgmitzen

    There’s simply no point to “listen” to things that are made up and removing things from one’s diet for no scientific reason. So, no.

  • jgmitzen

    What world do you live in? You sure as heck are born with a taste for junk food. Back in our past, every calorie counted – you never knew when a bear was going to chase you. So we evolved a natural attraction to sweet-tasting foods.Sugar can be metabolized quickly for a burst of energy – in fact honey begins breaking down while still in our mouths! Hence it was good to eat something sweet. Nowadays when we’re not (often) being chased by predators our inclination for sweets is a problem. But to say that we’re not naturally attracted to fats and sugar is beyond ridiculous.

  • Ralph Monzo

    Food was never intended to be produced using industrialized methods. God intended for us all to be small farmers and gardeners. In our increasingly specialized lives, a smaller and smaller number of us can do that, so, a very few of us must use increasingly industrialized, labor saving methods to meet demand. Inevitably, this decreases the quality of our food. A really good author on this subject is Wendell Berry.

  • IQTech52

    Your credibility suffers when you say that ramen contains propylene glycol. You are repeating a baseless urban legend.

  • IQTech52

    “Mayonnaise is a Spanish sauce containing stable emulsion of oil, egg yolks and either vinegar or lemon juice, with many options for embellishment with other herbs and spices.”

    No, it is not.
    Mayonnaise is said to be the invention of the French chef of the Duke deRichelieu in 1756. While the Duke was defeating the British at Port Mahon, his chef was creating a victory feast that included a sauce made of cream and eggs.
    Google is your friend. I highly suggest a different career.

  • markflag

    Abso . . .ing . . . lutely hilarious. One assumes the author is either a vegan hermit or very unhappy. And the photo of a hamburger is not a hamburger but rather a travesty. A properly made good burger made with good beef does not need all the nonsense added. Perhaps a drape of caramelized onion and a very small bit of ketchup. Anything else is less gilding the lily than ruining a burger

  • http://catholicboyrich.wordpress.com/ StephenFrancis (RichardG)

    You stole my point…REDI WHIP is whipped cream. CREAM is whipped cream. Cool Whip is the margarine of whipped cream.

  • http://catholicboyrich.wordpress.com/ StephenFrancis (RichardG)

    I PROUDLY eat all 21 of these…generally not at the same time.

  • Anatasia Beaverhouson

    LOL,it is especially lovely when I am wearing my imitation fur coat. Someome remind me of WHY this is soooo “hip”,because I am FREEZING !

  • Ian Tittle

    DAM YOU listen to every servey aobut foods you will nothing making it sound like if i eat a bagel every other day or a sandwich with mayo once twice a week a a burger 3 time or so a month like i wold die and weight 400 pounds even the suppossidly good thing if you eat to much is bad i eat what i want just not the same thing everyday moderations is the key here you do not have to stop eating the things on this list to be healty i eat 2 callorie fill burgers with fries a month what that gonna do to me seriously

  • pfjw

    Lemme see – Jelly beans are coated with Carnuba Wax – not shellac. Whipped Cream contains cream and air. NOTHING else.

    Bad information contaminates the entire article – even if the rest is true.

  • holly patterson

    I actually agree with this list, mostly. Only thing I disagree with is the cheese, because I each cheese made from pasture raised cows it’s called Kerrygold and it’s the only cheese I eat. Everything else on the list I pretty much avoid 95 percent of the time and have been way ahead of the game before it was popular to avoid these.

  • nickname

    is that you Michelle O ?

  • Frank Dalla

    So, basically, don’t eat anything. If you continue to eat, eventually, you will die. The same result that not eating provides, however since a great deal of money is spent to discover this fact, it becomes a matter of exactly how soon, or how late in life, one can expect to cross the great divide. Not eating anything, I’m sure, will introduce you to the grave quicker than enjoying a good unhealthy greasy meal. Even if it is full of chemicals. And, since there is no shortage of people on the planet, and the prospect of starving to death is a stark contrast to dying fat and jolly. It would best serve mankind to eat anything that you want, and just hope for the best. After all, the more people that die, the more of everything will be left for the living.

  • Brent

    Whipped topping is what they mean here.

  • Daniel Robinson

    whipped cream… says all but 2 of the ingredients are TOXIC… they are including all those milk products as toxic? I’m done with this list already.

  • Oldpaint

    “Hamburger consummation.” You’re supposed to eat it, not marry it.

  • Jane

    #10- Who puts their hamburgers on a bagel?

  • tobot

    The body is not “your” temple.

  • tobot

    What kind of pervert is consummating commercial mayonnaise?

  • tobot

    Now I know you’re crazy! Give up BACON???

  • Christina K

    I’ve cut out a lot of stuff on this list- but alas, sausage. :( I love sausage on pizza. But, that’s gotta go too!

  • Know Fool

    I’ve just had a thought, I think I’ll coin it: “Everything in moderation.”

  • steve

    baloney is pennicillin

  • disqus_v3SHzvCspj


  • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

    When you are young you are immortal. I have lost my cravings for bacon, mayo, french fries, doughnuts, jellybeans, but gnaw happily on turkey, chicken, steak, seafood, steamed veggies and maybe a potato.

  • AbnDoc

    OK. So now what am I supposed to eat now that you have emptied my fridge? ;)

  • patcee14

    Not right away, but… There have been many studies on what happens to your arteries when you eat fatty, salty foods. The danger is inflammation which grows to blockages. The arteries of people who eat mostly a plant-based diet are smooth and intact. The arteries of the others are roughed up and they are on the way to heart surgery. No, you won’t die immediately for eating fried chicken, gravy and biscuits. But it adds to the build-up in arteries you can’t see or feel.

  • patcee14

    Whether God intended it or not, it would be the healthiest way to live. However, having tried being an organic gardener, it is not as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of critters out there ready to drill into and eat your produce. I guess if you had the time to stand in your garden and pick insects off crops 24/7 you’d be successful. About half what I raised had to be recycled back into the ground from worms, beetles, slugs, snails, earwigs, ants and various other bugs. Who wants to eat a tomato that has been half chewed up by worms? I have tried hot pepper and all the “natural” pesticides. I’ve given up and will just pay more at the store.

  • patcee14

    Bacon is one of the worst things you can put in your body. It is full of nitrites just like hot dogs, besides the fat content. People are eating more and more bacon, mostly because they are adding it to every fast food sandwich like mad. Don’t eat bacon.

  • patcee14

    Read your labels. Propylene glycol is in a lot of foods and is toxic to pets – who eat it in almost all the treats sold. Never eat anything from China that lists propylene glycol. It can damage the liver. I never eat ramen, but this chemical is usually in foods that are meant to be moist and pliable.

  • patcee14

    That’s one way of looking at it. I see-saw between thinking I’m old and something is going to get me anyway, to eating healthy because I don’t want to end up sick from a stroke, etc. It makes sense that if you are old you should eat whatever you want as long as you can, but it also makes sense to try to stay healthy as long as you can.

  • patcee14

    It’s not from germs from undercooked bacon! It is the way they cure it and what it contains. Heat does nothing to change bacon into a healthy food.

  • patcee14

    There is no such thing as moderation in the American diet. Most people just pick the fast food joint they are going to eat that day – and go somewhere else the next. Eating in restaurants or fast food joints is unhealthy, no matter what you think. You have no idea how much salt is in those foods or what ingredients they use to cook it. Most use the cheapest fat possible. And most Mexican restaurants use lard – rendered pig fat.

  • Michael

    Well, I am dogged now.
    I eat about 4 bagels a year and maybe 8-10 pieces of bacon a year. But, burgers, pizza, cheese, fries and, while not exactly on the list, I also eat Cliff Bars. I do not touch anything else on the list

  • don3345

    Theres no meat on them, and they look unhealthy.

  • blankcheck890

    Nothing wrong with animal bits ground up it’s all the extras…bones, Ammonia, nitrates, MSG, not on the paleo diet for sure.

  • guest2

    Glad you have the time and money to eat only ‘fresh’ food. I love the taste of preservatives and food coloring. Thank heavens we don’t eat like ‘the rest of the world’.

  • jason

    Sadly eating fresh food at home is a hell of a lot more expensive than getting fast food, that’s why there’s a lot of people that go there. They can’t afford it! Just stay away form high fructose corn syrup, trans fat and preservatives. Drink plenty of water according to your body weight and sustain a certain calorie maintenance level to stay in shape. If you want to lose, then cut the calories even smaller and stick to good carbs such as vegetables and fruit (even brown rice is great), proteins such as beef,turkey,fish,etc and fats (yes fats! They are very important!) such as olive oil but keep in moderation (should be 20-30% of your calorie budget). Stay away form corn for its high sugar and soy. Glucose is ideal for losing weight and quickens it but if you must then have 100% whole wheat (100%!). No added sugars or artificial sweeteners. To sum it up, eat like it came form planet earth ;)

  • jason

    no glucose my mistake *

  • Spectre7075

    So, according to this, we can’t eat anything???????!!!!!!!

  • Bill

    Why did you not include wine and beer in the list. More health issues occur with these than any other on the list. Both contain over 5% of the same chemical used in gasoline! Ethanol! My god! 5% not just trace amounts. Should be avoided at all cost!

  • Meghan

    No bacon is bad for you!

  • Steve

    What do these commies want us to eat? Tree bark?

  • John E. Jones


  • John E. Jones

    Want to bet lots of the autisum is caused by children being born to people with drug related problems?

  • John E. Jones

    right on! way too much prepared &fast food. portions are way too big.Go to Europe &see how they eat. If we had to eat a real Italian pizza we`d starve to death.Just look at how much sodium is in everything.If you think yogurt is so healthy just read the label. Know how many calories are in A muffin?

  • John E. Jones

    Carbs are the biggest factors in having diebetis. everything in moderation is the key. also don`t deprive your self of treats because if you do, you will more likely gourge when you do buy A treat.

  • John E. Jones

    Also don`t fall for all the oganic crap. lots of that is getting recalled every year. Also very expenseve for the average shopper. none of these bad foods listed are going to kill you unless you eat them all the time. These people no matter what they`re reporting &are doing their best to scare you&You see it on the nightly news all the time.I call them the fear pimps.

  • John E. Jones

    AMEN BRother. read my comments.

  • John E. Jones

    I know A lot of dead health nuts.

  • John E. Jones

    My father always said,After he died he would have all of eternity to not eat what he liked so while he was here &alive he was going to eat what he dam well pleased& he passed at 96.

  • John E. Jones

    lots of different ways to cure bacon and ham that isn`t going to harm you. We had A smoke house where we cured our hams&bacon with just natural wood smoke. mainly applewood. My family raised our own pork&beef&chickens. All of us are living A very long life.

  • John E. Jones

    I`m an alternative vegetarian. The cow eats grass&I ate the cow.

  • John E. Jones

    I agree with you on that one. when they prosess that food how do you know how clean it was done. when they cooked that burger how clean was the grill? did they wash their hands after going to the restroom? Bet you anything most of the illnesses come from the prossessing &handling of the food.

  • Another Old Geezer

    Hey!! Quit giving Shellac a bad name, it’s not just bug poop that it’s made from, the bugs themselves go into it as well, and I have the right to eat it if I want too!! Just leave it and me alone

  • Phillip McMurran

    everything in moderation!

  • Drew Barry

    Saliva causes cancer if swallowed in small amounts over a length of time.

  • John P. Fenner

    –They have some of it right, particularly about sugar, but they are old-fashioned about salt & fats.
    –UNLESS YOU ARE SALT-SENSITIVE, if you do not eat carbs and drink a lot of water, the body flushes away most of the salt.
    –On fats, there is some recent research (OK, financed by the Atkins & protein people) that disconnects dietary cholesterol from the cholesterol that puts the fat on the inside of your arteries. Several people I know, including myself, for various reasons stopped eating sugars & carbs (not easy), and vastly increased their intake of DIETARY cholesterol–eggs, cheese, etc. The reductions in BLOOD cholesterol levels were dramatic.
    –It appears to be the combination of fat AND sugar, that raises your cholesterol numbers.

  • John P. Fenner

    It tastes just fine, without the sugar.

  • John P. Fenner

    –About 30 years ago, doctors found fat on the inside of our arteries, in autopsies. They concluded, reasonably but wrongly, that eating fat was bad for you.
    –So the food industry eliminated fats from their processed foods. Result: no one wanted to eat them. Sooo, they replaced fats with sugar (“low in calories”, “lite”).
    –Result of that, we are much fatter as a nation, than we were 30 years ago.

  • John P. Fenner

    –I thought that it was “not proven” that cigarettes were bad for you.
    –Oops, sorry, those scientists (who survive) who said that, are now doing “research” on Global Warming.

  • Roger Bence

    all this bad foods bull shit seems to be vegan propaganda, truth in labeling requires all ingredients be published on the labels and simply reading provides the knowledge of what is safe and as for pork trichinosis was basically eradicated from pork packaging industry years ago and range fatted cattle compared to commercial feed lot cattle has healthier and safer beef,and milk cows are not butchered for beef

  • Antikythera

    It is always handy to have a “Cave Man Expert” around. Keep up the good work!

  • Shell

    I have been a vegetarian for 15 years and I rarely get sick. I have survived on just salads, basically a raw vegan diet for over a year with no repercussions. I became one in the first place because I got sick on meat and couldn’t eat for nearly two weeks, one small meal on Christmas that was it. I worked at a Butterball plant for several months back in the 90’s, I wouldn’t eat turkey. They don’t throw diseased birds off, they just cut the cancer out and send the rest of the bird on. This happens in every meat processing plant. I would throw off pieces of meat that had tumors and other stuff on it, I was the only one who would do it because I was the only one who could speak english. The meat processing plants hired a lot of illegal immigrants so they can get by with not following regulations, the employees are not going to complain if they are not legal.

  • Bassack Obassa

    Potatoes and corn are actually the two vegetables it’s best to avoid. They just have a lot of carbs and empty calories. Sweet potatoes are very nutritious though.

  • http://www.portable-batteries.fr/ adaptateur ac

    .this is really helpful to us… thanks for sharing.

  • Jan

    So bologna contains all parts of the animals? So what? Do you really think our ancestors threw away those parts? That would have been a waste for them to do that. So they created head cheese, which many people still eat today.

  • Jan

    And don’t forget that arsenic and radon also are natural substances. As well as many deadly insects. Just because something is “natural” doesn’t necessarily mean it is better for you than something that is made by man.

  • Jan

    Also only supposed to eat only seafood with scales, so that kind of leaves out all that lobster, crabs, shrimp and escargot.

  • Jan

    Well, goody goody gumdrops for you!

  • GetTheFactsFirst

    According to the scientific studies one or two alcoholic drinks per day is fine for most people.

  • Lenny Howes

    Just don’t eat and you will be fine

  • TennesseeRedDog

    Bacon is the staff of life. Ask my dog.

  • Dan

    My doctor says,”if it taste’s good, spit it out”. That seems to be the case here.

  • Tim Basham

    “You are what you eat”? I guess that makes me a puss.

  • guest

    Yes, people should definitely be allowed the freedom to eat what they want. I should also be free to spend my own money as I see fit and not required to subsidize their health care costs.

  • MrFreeman012 .

    Oooooo, bad choice of food there, no protein and im pretty sure a vegetable oil is mixed up in there? Vegetarians and vegans are among the unhealthiest people on this planet.

  • chuckster52

    Whipped cream has one ingredient…Cream. Some like it sweet and add sugar.

  • chuckster52

    I make my popsicles from 100% pure fruit juices. They have one ingredient…

  • chuckster52

    Having been raised by a couple of hippies, I had never had any of these items. Thanks so much for the list. After trying them, I can’t eat anything else.

  • Margaret jacobson

    Don’t forget the mayo on your baloney sandwich.

  • Big Jhonka

    Sorry , shellac is not bug poop. Though it is still made from bugs, it is the resin that they secrete into their cocoon. Shellac is also used in pharmaceutical pill making, and is excellent for time release capsules. The human body can’t digest shellac, and it is harmlessly passed through our digestive system.

  • Katie Chandler

    What did he not list? Hell if that’s the case, everything is a risk basically… except veggies.

  • Katie Chandler

    That’s exactly my point too, like what did he NOT list lol

  • Katie Chandler

    My point exactly

  • Katie Chandler


  • Katie Chandler

    Amen guest2

  • Katie Chandler


  • Katie Chandler

    Amen man

  • Katie Chandler

    My point exactly yo, what CAN we eat?

  • Katie Chandler


  • http://tugboatsonline.com Shaun Kane

    That was kinda stupid and irrelevant to the point. Maybe you should work on capitalization skills instead of wit. Ya know. Easy stuff first.

  • http://tugboatsonline.com Shaun Kane

    And they’ll live to an average age of 87. Probably more these days.

  • http://tugboatsonline.com Shaun Kane

    Not long.

  • http://tugboatsonline.com Shaun Kane

    Thanks for the warning.

  • http://tugboatsonline.com Shaun Kane

    So don’t eat it. But don’t try to stop the rest of the world from having some.

  • Guest 2

    Thanks for the info, now I know what to eat tonight, the list!

  • confused reader

    So a better article would be 21 best foods you can eat because after reading this I don’t know if I could eat anything at all…

  • Rob

    Anything in moderation is fine. This is one of the most misleading articles I have ever read.

  • Lex

    This article is right on the money. However, because we aren’t all small farmers (so it erodes at the value of food), and also overpopulation, not giving the soil a chance to replenish itself, in turn less nutrition in so called healthy food, I do believe everything in moderation is ok along with bi-yearly or yearly cleanses from the health food store to help the body flush out build up of toxins should do the trick. The problem is what “junk food addicts” consider “moderation”.

  • Your Fat Uncle

    Hahaha i needed a good laugh… This article was complete B.S! It legitimately sounds like some stupid liberal actually read ingredients of shit in his/her cabinet one day after another stupid hippy told them that some ingredients will kill you after ONE BITE!

    Then after regurgitating ingredients lists on the items in their own kitchens (now neatly placed in appropriate recycle bins) starting ranting about how EVERYTHING GIVES YOU CANCER!


    GO HOME O’ Bamaaa! You’re drunk!

  • bobrzik

    Boy there sure are a lot of ads on this page, taking up screen real estate!

  • lena

    fwhat was said here is so true, all we have to do is a little research and there it is. bit by bit i did reaearch and that cured me. i eat veggies and fruits. eat out less and do my own cooking, avoiding lots of sweets,etc. i feel better and many say i look better,. my doc says wow im clean inside when given blood tests,. that was a surprise whech encouraged me to keep it up. and getting personal, even te bowel has little to no oder when we right healthy. it took a little while to get a crip but i got it. thank you so much i get more joy out of reading these and many other articles telling us the truth than watching cable or reading a excellent book. THANKS AGAIN;)

  • Anonymous

    A lot of this stuff,er food is garbage,but a lot of it is harmless if eaten in”moderation”.I hope whoever come up with this list doesn’t die of starvation.

  • Dashpie

    Cool Whip is not whip cream and you can make whipped cream from scratch. Now hamburgers are why of life so yummy so good with french fries. My grandmother would grind her own meat that is something we rarely do today we buy the convenient packages at the store. I say eat some foods in moderation. I need sausage with eggs and to keep my pepperoni and cheese company on my pizza. Cheese oh my so good in and with just about everything. I agree kill all the light food give me the FULL flavor and taste every time. Frozen dinner are a quick meal not a healthy meal but quick so eat those in moderation too. Now eating Bacon should be a law it is so good with just about everything and it smells like heaven ” Oh bacon I love you”. Ramen noodles for those on a budget this can be the choice between starving and not. I admit they are not good for you so eat in moderation. I grew up on balogna and rarely buy it since my kids prefer real deli meat Turkey, Roast Beef and Ham. Who ever wrote this list has ever right not to eat these foods but the rest of us will continue to enjoy these foods.

  • Dr Dave

    Whatta Wacko
    Hyperbole, false facts,old wives tales liberally sprinkled in among some truisms.
    At least I now know to avoid this site!

  • Anonymous

    This person is worse than Fox news. There is actually a study out right now that is saying we may have been wrong about MSG…weird but true. Also, Polypropylene glycol is not anti-freeze. Just looks like it to anyone who doesn’t understand chemistry. While I agree that processed foods are bad, you do not support your argument with knowledge or real facts.

    Seriously, stick to your guns and do what you know author. Perhaps a server at an Applebee’s or Chili’s?

  • Scott Katzenbach

    LOL the ignorance in over half of these commnents id absolutely hilarious. Yes food is the cause of the majority of the problems we face. It leads to genetic defects and diseases. Moderation is only a small part in the grand sceme of things. Now I do not fully agree with some of the descriptions as to why certain foods should be totally avoided. For instance, not all hamburger meat is the same. If it comes from cows that are 100% grass fed and grass finished on organic pastures, then the meat will then contain nutirents that fight cancer along with a powerhouse of Omega-3 fatty acids. Also, saturated fat is only your enemy if you soak the fats in a diet full of processed foods, particularly carbohydrates that are more starchy. In reality, saturated fats raise total cholesterol, which means the HDL is raised along with the LDL, therefore the entire “artery-clogging” concept is misunderstood. Proper Diet, consistent sleep cycles, and exercise (when done right), are the three keys to living a truly physically healthy life. Now regarding genetics, those three factors I just mentioned are the culprit when being passed down through each generation. If you live the same unhealthy lifestyle as the previous generation, you will suffer the same repetitive consequences. Do not be alarmed if the cancer cells in your body spread and adapt to the unhealthy internal environment when you spent the majority of your life eating total crap and fast food and things the FDA says is healthy. Here is your sign *DUH*

  • John F C Taylor

    Hate all the pop-up ads that you have to spend time searching for the kill switch on. Even worse is the ones you can’t kill without opening first. Basically kills any interest there might have been in the article itself.

  • Lakisha James

    I guess we should starve then because after all of that look what #21 is…I mean I understand the reasons behind the concept of pork but really??? Every time I look around one minute it’s good for you and then the next day it’s bad for you like REALLY??? We’re all going to die from something so let’s just enjoy life.

  • stevieod

    I have eaten all of these foods, as has my parents, their parents and on and on. Yes, they have passed away, but the youngest to pass was 85. Eat what you want in moderation. Or not.

    More BS from the food Nazis. Cool whip is whipped cream? Sounds bogus to me.

    Who wants to live past a hundred years anyway?

  • Bootney Farnsworth

    Coolwhip may be many things, but whipped cream it is not.

  • Bobby

    Starvation is just as deadly and much quicker.

  • http://Google CC

    I think if you eat these foods in moderation and exercise you will be okay. I’m sure most of us know someone who ate healthy all of the time died of an heart attack or cancer. Have you notice that most of the people who gets cancer or has breathing issues don’t smoke? Hmmm…what’s the answer for that? Old lady told me once she eats french fries all of the time and drink a glass of red wine every night and she is 93 years old. If it’s your time it’s your time no matter what.

  • Sheryl

    Consuming more than 2500 mg. of salt per day does not CAUSE hypertension, although if you already HAVE high blood pressure, you are encouraged to reduce your salt intake. Even then, some studies indicate that eating sea salt is much better for you than eating the regular kind of salt, *especially* if you have high blood pressure.

  • Sheryl

    Oh, also, shellac isn’t made from bug excrement; it’s made from the secretion from a certain type of insect. A secretion is different from an excretion. So it’s not “poop”.

    In addition, remember while you’re reading this article, that even too much oxygen can kill you.

  • Sandra S.

    So many dramatic “facts,” but no sources cited! I wasted time going all the way to the end of this slideshow (I hate the slideshow format BTW – so cumbersome to use!) to see what sources would be sited at the end, and there were none. While a few of your statements are factually correct, there are so many errors (and suspected errors that I didn’t have time to research) that, overall, this article has little credibility.

    And, remember… “All things in moderation, including moderation”!

  • Dr Lee Brewer

    This is the most poorly researched and cited site I have ever seen. This is pure populism in its most uniformed mode. How sad that so many will follow the “EAT GRASS!” ignorance of this site and its sponsors

  • Bill

    Have a carrot. Why bother living? Everything you put in your mouth is bad for you.

  • Anonymous

    Sand is used when making ground meat so that the meat does not clump up during production

    wow these people are mental midgets if they believe that

  • Jonah

    I’m enjoying some Johnsonville Brats and a small diet Coke while reading this article.


    Mostly bullsh*t. You need a little bit of everything, including the “bad things” that are currently out of fashion in terms of nutritional dogma. A lot of the claims made are outdated or just plain wrong.

    Eggs and dairy are both nutritional powerhouses for obvious reasons. You just need to use moderation. The main problem with pizza is the cultural connection it has to binge eating.

    …and I LIKE the fact that no part of an animal is going to waste when you make sausage. I’m not prissy. I appreciate the fact that the death of a creature will be exploited to it’s fullest potential. Perhaps fewer creatures will need to be killed.

    If I am getting “potted meat product”, I just want to know it.

    Using the entire animal is the most moral approach to butchery.

  • brian

    i am wondering if much research was actually put into this article when it was written. Many of the items seemed reasonable to be bad for you. But i read the whipped cream one and it said only 2 of the 12 ingredients are NOT toxic to humans. It lists as some of those ingredient: skim milk, vegetable oil, corn syrup. Since when is skimmed milk or vegetable oil TOXIC!?

  • j michael rowland

    This has been one of the worst reading experiences of my entire life.

    Your website takes a very long time to load a page. And after you’ve started reading, it continues to load more elements and keeps re-laying out the page, causing the reading material to flip around, scroll up and down, out of the visible window. An incredibly frustrating reading experience. Then, trying to scroll causes other content to load or reload, removing control of the scrolling process from the viewer. Your every page is so studded with dynamically-loaded page elements, ads, pop-ups and pop-overs, there is NEVER a time when a reader can read unhindered.

    And, for this article, you want us to load all this garbage 25 TIMES?

    All just to find out we should not be eating:

    Hot dogs
    French fries
    Whipped cream
    Energy bars
    Ramen noodles
    Jelly beans
    Microwave popcorn

    If you have some important info to impart, JUST TELL US! It would all fit on one page, and even with a picture for each one, it would take a tenth of the time.

    Of course, you wouldn’t get your revenue stream from your click-through ads and banners, etc.

    But, frankly, if that’s your priority — treating your readers as victims, targets, commodities to be abused and discarded — then you’re as toxic as any of the foods in your list.

    And that’s to say nothing of the lack of research, proofreading, or writing.

  • Anonymous

    These articles have so many errors in descriptions, warnings, and overworked CSPI (Center for Science in the Public Interest) “BS”. This frivolous listing is just to sell ads..not inform!

  • John

    All overblown facts meant to scare people yet again into a certain type of behavior. Typical of the wussification of america

  • spareparts

    Well now. I have to comment because of what I have been going through. I have acne inflammation in the form of cysts on the back of my neck and scalp. Sometimes they take weeks to heal and are very painful. Not to mention the psychological effects. Dermatologists have prescribed steroids that helped but it was recommended I do not take the steroids any longer after years of taking them. Since then, I have had a large infected cyst surgically removed from the back of my neck after being treated with antibiotics. I continued to get inflation and cysts after the surgery. I was at wits end. I started internet for treating cyst acne, to spare you all the details of many hours of research I will tell you what is starting to make sense. I have been following this diet for 1 week now and have healed my latest out break completely. One article I was reading told me that having acne was a blessing as my body was trying to tell me something is out of balance. People who do no get acne have no warning signs. That said, I am not a doctor only a person that is convinced of the following.
    a) hippocrates said all disease begins in the gut
    2) Do not eat processed sugar.
    3) start diet with BONE BROTH fast for 3 days.
    3) Diet needs to be vegetables and fruit based.
    4) Do not eat wheat, dairy products.
    5) Take probiotics, vitamins.
    6) Drink almond milk with superfood.
    7) Key is moderation with any food. Example. fresh salmon, tuna.
    8) There are many food recipes that can be found for following this type of food diet on the internet. Research leak gut.
    I plan to stay on this diet for 3 – 6 months before introducing chicken and steak back into my diet.

    For those of you who can eat what ever you want without any side affect or those who choose to eat what the h*** they want to , more power to you.
    I am not judging, I am being honest to what has been many years of non diagnosis or miss diagnosis.

  • Art

    Everything in moderation. We are living 30 years longer these days than our ancestors 200 years ago.. When 40 was old. Think about that. Why do we need to be paranoid about food, we must be doing something right. My grandmother made it to 93, she smoked, she drank, she ate fatty foods. I’m 53 and my mom is healthier than me at 77.

  • Mike

    I had to stop reading when the subject said “whipped cream” and the article was about Cool Whip.

    This ties in to the margarine part as well – in dairy products, the pleasing texture comes from milkfat. If a product has a texture that mimics milkfat, whether it’s margarine, “light” and “non-fat” dairy products, “non-dairy” products like Cool Whip, or cheap ice cream, they have to replace the expensive milkfat with something else, and it’s going to be cheap things that aren’t good for you.

  • Samhain

    I worked part time during High School in a Deli and meat market and never remember using Sand to make our ground beef.

  • Sharon Hess

    I made my granddaughter some Top Ramen that she requested. She didn’t eat all of it, and unbeknown to me, left the rest of the bowl in my back yard and forgot about it. Three weeks later, I found the bowl of noodles intact, untouched, and free of mold. During that three weeks, I had bears in my garbage cans, racoons eating my cat’s food, and all kinds of rodents and small animals cruising my yard for edibles. When a forest full of hungry critters will not touch a half-eaten bowl of noodles, you can bet it’s not fit for human consumption.

  • danny schwertner

    Know how you can tell who a vegan is? Just wait 3 seconds and they will be sure to tell you.

  • jerry

    Why did i waste my time reading this? How long or how much of these things would you have to eat to actually gt sick??? I had pork chops last night and i feel fine…..AOL could you please stop with these non sense articles??

  • gholfdude

    I want to know who in the world eats a donut in the morning and thinks of it as “healthy”? This article is so full of misinformation it’s ridiculous. It must have been written by some neo-fascist idiot wanting to control everyone’s lives…or just some schmuck looking for web site hits because they can’t hold down a real job. Yeah, that’s it. Schmuck.

  • larry

    Oxygen is very bad, if you stopped breathing it you will never get any disease

  • Shaun McDowell

    Well there goes my entire diet apart from the balonea. Rather die happy eating the things I like than live forever eating bland boring food. I read all these articles about how this killing you or that is, but we are living longer than ever. Eat during and be merry for tomorrow we die.

  • Shaun McDowell

    My doctor is a vegetarian, he looked like death warmed up until he gave it up and started eating meat. Now he looks more healthy.

  • Shaun McDowell

    Gonna die someday it’s just a matter of when and how. I want to die due to a stroke brought on by over indulgence.

  • spunkysmum

    Yeah, that’s not going to happen. There’s such a thing as quality of life. I don’t want to live to 100 if that means 100 years of not eating bacon.

  • spunkysmum


  • steuben

    sometimes they choke on those damn shiny rocks

  • ben

    let me know when you’ve done some real research

  • spunkysmum

    Such a trailblazer!

  • pilgrimson

    I read somewhere that the average life expectancy of a Doctor is 55 yrs. I said average not the rule. Anyway the Dr. that was giving me advice died 25 years ago at 55. I now am 75.
    Glad I didn’t follow his advice. ~~~ LOL

  • pilgrimson

    Speaking of Hot dogs, have you tried Nathan’s? Awsome!!!

  • http://cnnblows.org/ Bon Bon Blovi

    Instant noodles contain anti-freeze such as propylene glycol – affects the liver, heart and kidneys. <–That statement right there proved the author to be an uneducated (at least on the topic at hand) hack. No reason to read any further.

  • Slash77

    Seriously……. you might as well just ‘starve’ to death if you follow this list.

    Most things in moderation are ok, anything in abundance can be harmful.

    I will never give up New York (Brooklyn) style thin crust pizza…..

  • Bojangles McHammerpants

    Settle down spaz

  • Bojangles McHammerpants

    Everything on the internet is true.

  • Robert Guttman

    In short, everything that tastes good is bad, everything that tastes bad is good. I’ve tried eating healthy foods, such as tofu, quinoa and seaweed, and I find them all equally revolting. You want ‘em, take ‘em.

  • Silver Savior

    Is there one food that does not have anything wrong with it?

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