21 Drinks That Give You Terrible Hangovers


Lots of people will be forgetting about their diets for a couple days this holiday season and have some fun. Most of the time, this fun will include alcoholic beverages. And in many cases, people will consume more drinks than they really should, which could result in a hangover.

Of course, not all drinks are equal when it comes to hangovers. Here is a list of some drinks you should definitely avoid drinking a lot of if would like to avoid a holiday hangover.

1. Brandy

When it comes to drinks and their hangover effect, brandy is pretty much the alcoholic equivalent to a nuclear blast. Once this hellish beverage passes through your system, you’re a gonner. It takes days, not hours, to recover from the impact, and we’re not just talking about headaches here. Brandy will devastate your digestive system, leaving you queasy and unable to have a solid bowel movement for a while. If you had too much brandy in a bar after your holiday dinner, the thought of the smell after going to the bathroom will haunt you for years to come.

Brandy is believed by many scientists to be the absolute worst when it comes to hangovers. We’re not going to get all sciency here, but let’s just say that the complex organic molecules, called congeners, which are most responsible for hangovers, are found in ample amounts in this particular drink. So if you have better things to do after the holidays than to sit in bed silently moaning, steer away from brandy!

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