20 Crazy Ways People Used To Diet



Today, it is easier than ever to lose weight. We know pretty much everything about the nutritional values of different foods and ingredients, we have innumerable exercise regimens and diets that we can adhere to in order to lose weight and we have supplements that can aid us in our battle with excess weight. In addition to these, we also have various programs and apps that can further help us in our efforts.

Not that long ago, people did not have all this knowledge, but they still managed to lose weight. Or, at least they tried. We will be looking at some of these old school ways of losing weight, both the good ones and the bad ones; both the effective and the ineffective ones; both the reasonable and the crazy ones.

1.Wrapping themselves in rubber

Back in the late 19th century, rubber became all the rage as Charles Goodyear discovered the process of vulcanization which made it more durable and flexible and also cheaper to make. His discovery coincided with the explosion of dieting fads which were meant to help people (mostly women) lose weight.

The idea behind the rubber diet was to wrap the person in as much rubber as they can take, boosting the sweating, which was thought to improve the weight loss. The fad caught on and both men and women started using various rubber attires that were supposed to help them lose weight.

The result? The weight loss was negligible but with some serious side effects. Namely, these rubber attires were rough on the skin, causing sores, which would then inflame due to so much sweat, leading to severe infections, which were a much more severe problem than today considering that antibiotics would not be invented for a few decades later.

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