20 Crazy Ways People Used To Diet


2. Smoking cigarettes. A lot of cigarettes

Cigarettes used to be much bigger back in the day. Not in the sense that actual cigarettes were bigger, but in the sense that everyone smoked and that no one realized that they might have negative effects on people’s health. For Christ’s sake, even The Flintstones used to feature cigarette commercials.

Therefore it should come as no surprise that some cigarette manufacturers saw an opportunity to advertise their products as weight loss aids. For instance, Lucky Strikes used to run an advertising campaign with the words, “Light a Lucky and you’ll never miss sweets that make you fat.”

Interestingly enough, there was something to their claims as it is a well-known fact that nicotine actually acts as an appetite suppressant. Of course, today we all know that the negative effects of smoking dramatically outweigh the potential weight-loss benefits and we hope that no one will take up smoking as a way to lose weight.

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