21 Foods People With Gout Should Avoid


Gout is a terrible condition that often results in very painful arthritis. If you have it, then you know how bothersome it can be. However, you probably didn’t know that there are ways to use your diet to limit your gout-related problems. Here are some foods that you should definitely avoid if you suffer from gout.


Seafood, especially shellfish, is particularly bad for people with gout, but scallops seem to be the worst, according to many experienced gout sufferers. This delicious mollusk, which is best served seared and still hot with some lemon and veggies, is something you definitely need to forgo if you have gout or have a predisposition to suffer from it.

Like other foods that are bad for gout, scallops have a high content of purine, a substance that the human body converts to uric acid. Uric acid is the single most responsible factor in developing gout and it’s what makes this conditions so painful. Scallops are best if avoided altogether but it doesn’t mean you still can’t treat yourself every once in a while with this seafood delicacy. Just make sure not to overdo it. Experts say that six to eight ounces of shellfish per day is the absolute maximum you should allow yourself.

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