21 Foods People With High Cholesterol Should Avoid


If you have issues with high cholesterol, then you should already know that you need to be watching what you eat. Here are 21 foods that you need to stay away from completely if you want to keep your cholesterol levels down.


It makes sense that something as greasy as butter would be on top of the list of worst foods for high cholesterol. The question of the role of butter in the battle against high cholesterol has been re-examined over the recent years, with some experts claiming butter isn’t really all that bad after all, but most others still agree that if you want to lower your cholesterol levels you should seriously cut down on butter or, even better, cut it out completely.

A 100 gr serving of butter contains 215 milligrams of cholesterol, which is a lot. If you have high cholesterol, spreading butter on your toast, baked potatoes and pancakes is a bad idea. You are already getting plenty of butter in various baked goods and meals, so eating plain butter as a topping only adds up to the already high cumulative value of this food. But if you cut butter, don’t think that replacing it with margarine is a good idea – margarine is almost just as bad, if not worse.

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