21 Foods People With High Cholesterol Should Avoid



Processed meats are absolutely unhealthy and bad for you, from whichever angle you’re looking at it. They are full of sodium, additives, preservatives and often hormones and antibiotics too.

With the exception of some high-quality and artisanal products, the actual meat content in processed and deli meats such as sausages, pates and hot dogs is sometimes so low it’s criminal they still get to be called “meat.” And on top of that, they are terrible for your cholesterol levels.

One of the main reasons why processed meats are bad for cholesterol is that they are almost never lean. They are usually packed with fats, especially if we’re talking about bacon and sausage. Bologna, salami and similar deli meats also have a high fat content, even though you can’t actually see the white fat spots in them. The fats can be hidden, and so can other harmful substances that are usually found in processed meats.

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