21 Horrific Facts About Processed Foods


Even the birds know by now that processed foods are not good for us and that it is much better to go with fresh and organic alternatives. Processing takes a lot out of food and often introduces substances which make the food bad for you.

However, what are the real facts? What are the cold, hard facts that illustrate this? We have compiled a list of 21 horrific facts about processed foods and we hope you will read this list in its entirety.

Bon appetite!

1. Processed Foods Are Addictive

There is a reason why processed foods are so popular. Okay, there is more than one reason. For one, they are cheap, much cheaper than fresh food and you get more for your money. In addition to this, they often make preparation simpler. However, the main reason why processed foods somehow always make their way to your plate is that they are, simply put, addictive.

Certain foods and substances are more efficient at stimulating your body to release dopamine. Sugar is one such example. Dopamine elevates your mood and makes you feel happy. Manufacturers of processed foods know this and they cram dopamine-friendly ingredients in their products.

Before you know it, you are craving your favorite processed foods because your body remembers the good feeling from the last few times you ate them. This is how drugs work. This is how gambling works. This is also how processed foods work.

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