21 Kitchen Hacks

Here’s some of the best tips we can think of to give you regarding pretty much anything you can find in your kitchen. From mixing pancakes to faster cooling of bottles – it’s all here and we’ll try to cover each and every one thoroughly. Let’s begin!

1. Putting ice cream in a bag before putting it in the freezer makes it scoop easier

Although we can’t be sure of the physics behind this phenomenon, it would appear that when you put a box of ice cream in a ziplock bag before putting it in the freezer will prevent it from (literally) turning into a brick.

There’s no worse feeling (ok, there is but still) than having to wait for what seems like an eternity before you are able to eat the ice cream you stored in your freezer. You come home, no time to gobble it up instantly so you put it away. Three hours later, you suddenly remember you have a whole box of ice cream, you frantically pull it out of the freezer and boom, you can’t do anything with it. You have a chocolate and vanilla-flavoured brick that’s bending your spoon.

So, buy a couple of ziplock bags, they cost less than glass marbles, pour the ice cream into them and triumph.

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  • SheNemo

    wow-neat- and I use my George Forman grill, PERFECT TOO! It crisps the hash browns top and bottom, I amaze friends with this sometimes!!!!

  • Linda Hannon

    I would like to crisp something and it isn’t food. What happened to being politically correct? Not wanting to offend ANYONE. Well I am offended. The actually advice of how to crisp up hash browns is terrific, but why put in that line using the name of Christ for emphasis when so many other phrases would have met the authors meaning without the offense of using my lords name to sell your article. I AM OFFENDED.

  • Wow im lost as to what this person is talking about? what are they referring to ? What article of info were they reading before they wrote the comment , i would like to read what they were reading too.