21 Life Hacks For Healthier Eating


Dieting and eating right might sound like a chore to just about everyone, but it really doesn’t have to be. Here are 21 small things that you can do every day to improve the way you eat on a daily basis.

1. Research Food Substitutes

Many foods that are considered unhealthy can and should be replaced with healthier substitutes that work just as well in your favorite dishes. That way you don’t have to give up your guilty pleasures altogether, you just need to make them less “guilty.”

For example, you can replace mayonnaise in your sandwiches and salads with mustard. Mayo and fatty sour cream can be replaced by low-fat Greek yoghurt or kefir. If you like your yogurt with granola, which is very sugary, try replacing it with almonds or walnuts, which are also fatty, but in a good way. The same goes for croutons in your salads and soups. Bread crumbs can be replaced with rolled oats and pureed potato works just as well as soup thickener as cream does. Mashed ripe bananas can replace sugar in your baking recipes, while mashed avocado does the same thing, only for butter and oil.

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