21 Most Common Cooking Mistakes


It takes a lot of skill and dedication to become a master chef, and nobody can make the jump from being an apprentice to becoming skilled in the kitchen without making a few (or a few hundred) mistakes along the way. We’ve compiled a short list of the 21 most common mistakes people make in the kitchen, so let’s see which made the cut:

1. You serve meat immediately

If you’re planning on cooking meat, you need to find the right meat, prepare it with the right ingredients, cook it nicely, and then chop it up and serve it when it’s done. The main issue that people come across here is that they chop it up the moment they pull it from the oven, grill, stove, whatever. This is bad since all the juices that you’ve sealed in while you were cooking the meat will just pour out and go to waste.

Why? Imagine that your steak is a large bundle of straws, and each straw is filled with liquid – these are the muscle fibers of the meat. As you cook the meat, the straws become narrower and put pressure on the liquid that is found inside the meat. This liquid ends up in the meat itself, and if you cut it open immediately, you lose much of the juices that we all love so much.

Every steak loses around 12 percent of its weight in the cooking process. If you cut it open too soon, you lose an additional nine percent. That’s a lot of percentages.

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