21 Most Dangerous Comfort Foods

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Sometimes you feel that the entire world has turned against you and that bad things have started piling on you with unnerving intensity. In such moments, one of the best ways to make the blues go away is to enjoy a nice big serving of your favorite comfort food; something that makes you feel better.

The only problem is that most comfort foods are not exactly healthy for you. In fact, the large majority of comfort foods are actually quite bad for your health and today we will be looking at 21 of the worst examples.

1. Ice Cream

In the world of comfort foods, ice cream holds an almost mythical place. It is the ultimate comfort food for many people who know that nothing feels better than curling up with a nice big bucket of their favorite ice cream and a great movie or a book.

And while nothing else can truly approach the comforting texture and the subtle flavors of ice cream, there are few foods that are worse for you than it is. Especially in amounts that we tend to eat when craving the delicious dessert as a way of comforting ourselves.

A half cup of your average ice cream will, for instance, contain 270 calories, 33 grams of carbs and 14 grams of fat. When you extrapolate that to the amounts of ice cream you actually eat during those rough times, you can understand that we are talking about a full-fledged attack on your body.

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