21 Reasons Being Vegan Is Awesome


There are myriad reasons why people choose to be vegan and almost all of them are reasons that are good enough even if they were the sole reasons. That being said, there is often this thing hanging in the air that being vegan is not awesome in anyway.

Well, today we will be changing your mind about this. We will give you 21 reasons why being vegan is awesome as hell. Who knows, maybe we convince someone to make the choice. That would be awesome!

1. Vegans Don’t Wear Leather Pants

Let’s be honest, there are not that many people who have ever pulled off leather pants successfully. Jim Morrison and maybe two or three more people did it well. Everyone else looks like a douche in leather pants. It is just the cold, hard reality and people need to face this once and for all.

When you are a vegan, wearing leather pants is not even an option. You are effectively prevented from being that douche in leather pants. And this goes for so many other clothing options that involve killing and skinning animals.

How much better would the world be without ladies in fur coats with their noses so high up in the air they cannot smell their own farts? Or, to get back to the subject at hand, without lame lead singers from even lamer bands trying to wear leather pants without looking like douches?

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