21 Tips For Healthier Cooking


2. Be Careful About The Smoke Point For Oil

We all know about olive oil and how healthy it is. For one, people who use olive oil in their regular diet are far less likely to develop cardiovascular conditions and illnesses. It has also been found that using olive oil regularly decreases your chances of experiencing strokes. In addition to this, olive oil has also been found to be beneficial to the mood of the user, especially when compared to users who stick with trans fats.

What is perhaps most staggering, however, is that frying food in olive oil does not raise the risk of heart disease, which is the case with other oils used for frying.

That being said, one needs to understand the importance of the smoke point, i.e. the temperature at which olive oil starts to smoke when heated. At this temperature (410°F or 210°C), olive oil starts to lose its health benefits and starts tasting bad as well. Avoid it.

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