21 Tips On Cooking For One


Many people are complaining how cooking for one is neither worth the effort nor the messy kitchen. Or they say how it’s too expensive or how it’s even depressing at times. Sure, you go through all that effort just for one meal, but what if we told you that there are actually ways to cope with the fact that you’re cooking for one? Here’s a bunch of simple tricks and tips to get you started on accepting the fact that you’re cooking solo and eating solo – it’s really not that bad!

1. Deli counters and bulk bins are your friends

Bulk bins and deli counters are one of those places where you rarely get to go – mostly because you’re always buying packages in an attempt to save up as much money as possible. But the truth is that many people don’t even know how these things work, and we’re all taught that if you get an offer of 4 somethings for the price of 2, you just buy the dang thing.

Actually, what most people don’t know is that you are actually allowed to buy single pieces of food – a single chicken breast, three slices of cheese, 1/3 pound of beans, etc. Just make sure you’re nice to the people working behind these counters, make them your friends and you will be leaving with just enough groceries to make your planned meal without throwing away excess supplies.

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