21 Tips To Be Healthier Without Exercising


Some people just don’t feel like exercising – and we can understand that. But lying around the house the whole day and complaining about your health just doesn’t cut it. If you really hate gyms and doing push-ups, here are a few tips and tricks on how to have a slightly healthier lifestyle with normal, everyday activities.

1. Clean your house regularly

We’re not your mom to tell you when and how to clean your place of residence, but you know…when you think about it, cleaning the house is hard work. And not only is it hard work, it can be fun to some people – and everyone can make it fun for themselves. Do it in good company, do it with your favorite music, sing along while you are cleaning, just do it. Plus, you get to have a clean home, which is always a plus.

Apart from getting a basic strength buff, you will also burn tons of calories. For example, if you do some dusting for about 20 minutes, you lose 80 calories. If you dust for an hour, just one hour per week, you lose about 12 and a half thousand calories per year. That’s about 3.5 pounds per year, just for doing something you were supposed to do anyway! Come on now, where’s the delay? Grab that broom and the vacuum cleaner and get busy.

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