21 Ways To Waste Less Food


It’s amazing to think about how much food people waste on a daily basis without even noticing. Following these tips will help you to avoid wasting food and obviously, stop wasting money as well.


The number one rule for those who continuously buy too much food and end up throwing it away is to start making grocery lists. More precisely – making grocery lists and sticking to them. Grocery lists are useful not only because they help you remember what you need to get, but also because they keep you from buying unnecessary things or too much food that will end up in the dumpster.

Before grocery shopping, check your fridge once again to see if you forgot to put anything on the list and also check if some of the food is about to run out or expire. If there is a carton of eggs in the fridge, but only one egg in it, obviously you need to put eggs on the list. In the store, buy only the food you put on the list. Even if something is on a crazy discount, if it’s not on the list – it’s not in the cart.

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