21 Worst Foods For Diabetes

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Although living with diabetes doesn’t mean deprivation, some foods should be avoided because they are high in saturated fat, sodium, calories or carbs.

If you have diabetes, avoid these 21 foods which can cause blood sugar spikes or other health problems. And don’t worry, we listed the alternatives to all your favorite foods!

1. Candy

Although a lot of people believe that diabetics are not allowed to eat sugar and desserts, you can actually eat a small serving of your favorite cake once in a while and still manage your diabetes. However, it is important to note that if you cannot resist a sweet craving, you need to keep your portions small.

Since we clarified this common misconception, we need to warn you that high sugar foods cause a dramatic spike in blood sugar levels and can contribute to weight gain – two factors which can increase your risk of diabetes complications.

It would be best if you could satisfy your sweet tooth by eating high-quality carbohydrates such as apples, berries, pears, grapes, and oranges.  Apart from being tasty, they are packed with fiber which helps the absorption of glucose.  Basically, it is much easier to control your blood sugar level while snacking on fresh fruits.

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  • Onyx

    Natural farm raised or organic red meats would be fine. Same for chicken (less the skin of course) and turkey. The fat attached to these animals , man has been eating forever. We wouldnt be here now if those things are so terrible. And they do wonders for the HCL or (good fats) in our systems. They are a way better source of protein and energy than processed foods.
    No potatoes,rice,pasta or even bread. All of these things contain starch. And starch will convert to sugar, not good if youre trying to lose weight or eat healthier because of diabetes. But to cut out red meat? Not hardly your body can use it. And will use it better than an all fish and salad diet.
    The keto diet is based on the things I’ve mentioned. But portion control is crucial, as it is to any diet.
    They claim that eating 4 eggs per week can lower your bloodsugar and or keep diabetes away if you are borderline.

  • Onyx

    Canned fruit in syrup. Wouldnt that be the same as the ‘heavy syrups’ that you already mentioned??

  • Onyx

    Eggs are up in the air. They are good for you one year and poison the next. We’ve been eating eggs for ions..cant be all that bad. Hardboil them, do not fry. You can keep deleting my posts, I dont care. Thats probably why there wasnt any comments in here to begin with.. .