21 Worst Foods To Eat At Bedtime


Every now and then, we feel the urge to have milk and cookies, peanut butter, chocolate, or any other guilty pleasure before going to bed. The danger of eating certain foods right before going to sleep is not their ability to turn into fat, but that they can mcause serious problems during the night, and they might could leave you sleepless.

However, you don’t have to ward off everything, as there are healthy snacks you can enjoy whenever you feel like it, but these 21 foods should be avoided if you love your beauty sleep.

1. Chili

Chili that contains beans, meat and, of course, spicy tomato sauce, is a recipe for disaster before bed. “Beans are gas-producing, red meat is high in fat and tomato sauce may cause acid reflux. A perfect storm for a not-so-sound sleep,” says Remmer.

Therefore, hot sauce, beans, and beef. Oh, my! Chili is an evil recipe for sleep disaster if you eat it close to bedtime. Hot sauce-induced heartburn, and a disgruntled stomach thanks to the beans, and beef will keep you from getting all of those eight precious hours of sleep.

Additionally, chili also contains fats, protein, emulgators from pre-made sauce, and you don’t need to have all that before you go to bed. Red meat in chili will keep your body breaking it down all night. Do not reheat your lunch, instead, munch on a banana or apple.

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