22 Foods To Help You Gain Weight


Nutrition is full of misconceptions and myths. And somehow, we manage to break every single one of them, and the next day, we make others. What we believe turns out not to be true, and vice versa.

Sometimes, we need to ask ourselves – do we know anything about food? Anything at all? Let’s debunk some of the long-kept secrets about food that will eventually make you fat, whether you like it, or not.

1. Wheat bread and multi-grain bread

Most people think they’re doing themselves a healthy favor when they opt for “wheat bread” on their deli sandwiches, or pick up a pre-packaged loaf of 7-grain at the store, but the fact is that most mass produced productsare not much better for you than plain old white bread, as they’re made with refined grains, which means you’re not getting the full nutritional benefit of the actual whole grain.

A good way to tell whether your wheat bread is really whole is to read labels. If the first flour on the ingredient list is refined ( “bleached” or “unbleached enriched wheat flour”) it’s most definitely not “whole wheat” or “whole grain.

It’s essentially white bread with a brownish tint. When you’re in a restaurant and can’t see the label, take half the bread off your sandwich, which not only nixes calories and carbs, but also lessens your refined flour intake.

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