13 Dangerous Gout Foods You Should Avoid


If you are suffering from gout or trying to reduce your risk of suffering from it, it’s best to know which type of foods you should avoid.

Generally it’s advised that people with gout should stay away from high-protein and diets high in purines. Purines increases the uric acid level which then leads to possibly leaving the body with excess uric acid.

Excess uric acid, if not excreted through urination, transform as crystals that can cause inflammation and excruciating pain.

1. Seafood

Seafood contains high amounts of purine. Seafood such as scallops, salmon and trout can be eaten in moderation but for severe gout sufferers it’s best to avoid consuming seafood. A good 2-4 ounces of it is the most that your body can handle without giving you those insufferable flare ups later on.

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