9 Foods To Help Increase The Size Of Your Breasts


It’s understandable why some women would want to have bigger breasts.

According to research, 65% of men say that they find a woman’s breasts her most attractive feature. However, if you are not gifted with a natural C cup, adding certain elements to your diet might be of help.

It may not be a significant improvement compared to what breast implants can give, but it’s surely a cheaper and healthier alternative. Not to mention safer and when it comes to your health safeness is one of the keywords.

1. Soy Products

Soy is protein rich and its primary role in our body is to rebuild and repair tissues; these tissues are also found in breasts.

According to The National Institute of Health, soy is an effective source of breast enhancing protein. Isoflavone, a common supplement given to women to increase or balance their estrogen levels, comes from soybeans.

Estrogen combined with protein can really do wonders for that elusive cup size you have been wishing for! Of course, soy products should be consumed in moderation. The best ones are: soy milk, edamame and tofu.

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