5 Fun Finger Foods For Kids


Are you planning a kids party and having a hard time preparing the kiddie delights you will serve?

Kids are some of the pickiest eaters and when deciding what to serve, you have to keep a couple of things in mind – the food should be colorful, interesting enough to pique their curiosity and above all, it has to be irresistibly delicious!

Here are some finger foods that kids will truly enjoy and love you for it.

1. Mini Jellies

Jellies are a safe bet when it comes to kids. No kid can resist these sweet and colorful delights. When preparing yours, make them in bite-sized pieces that kids can easily pop in their mouth.

Instead of making wet jellies, look up recipes for hard jellies and shape them into fruits like mini watermelons, sugar coated mini strawberries or lemon drops; the possibilities are endless.

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