16 Worst Drinks For Your Body


If you are watching your weight or are a health buff, it can be handy to know about some of the most dangerous drinks for your body weight and health-wise. We often conveniently forget the fact that we are what we drink too, and not just what we eat. Actually, water is a drink that’s essential to life everywhere, not just on planet Earth.

This fact should awake you to possible dangers and benefits of certain drinks that are available now and that you’re probably consuming on a daily basis. The problem is most of these drinks are consumed regularly and their bad effects are not well known.

1. Vitamin Water

They may taste great, but it’s tainting the most beneficial drink you can ever offer your body – water. Again we urge you to think and get informed before making decisions that will later become shopping habits and those habits will shape your health. Wonder if it’s natural and logical that Vitamins now come in a shiny bottle with such a perfect formula and expiration date that you actually have no other choice but to buy it.

How come Vitamin Water tastes so good when there is no juice in it? Why is it the color it is and how come different brands and different vitamins get different colors, when in fact vitamins are colorless? Vitamin water does contain vitamins as stated but it also contains a hefty amount of sugar and artificial flavoring.

It would be a smarter option to go for plain water or fresh fruit juices. They are sometimes called a gateway drink towards the more dangerous stuff like energy drinks and Coca-Cola. Nothing beats plain old tap water. If you really cannot do without juice, then make your own. It doesn’t take much time, and it’s much healthier. It might be a little more expensive to buy fresh fruits and squeeze them, but would do rather be healthy or save money?

Make your own fresh juice and drink that instead of going for the store-bought varieties that have an excess amount of sugar, no matter what you buy. And when you are juicing by yourself, you can come up with fruit and veggie mixes that don’t even exist on the market!

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