16 Worst Drinks For Your Body


If you are watching your weight or are a health buff, it can be handy to know about some of the most dangerous drinks for your body weight and health-wise. We often conveniently forget the fact that we are what we drink too, and not just what we eat. Actually, water is a drink that’s essential to life everywhere, not just on planet Earth.

This fact should awake you to possible dangers and benefits of certain drinks that are available now and that you’re probably consuming on a daily basis. The problem is most of these drinks are consumed regularly and their bad effects are not well known.

1. Vitamin Water

They may taste great, but it’s tainting the most beneficial drink you can ever offer your body – water. Again we urge you to think and get informed before making decisions that will later become shopping habits and those habits will shape your health. Wonder if it’s natural and logical that Vitamins now come in a shiny bottle with such a perfect formula and expiration date that you actually have no other choice but to buy it.

How come Vitamin Water tastes so good when there is no juice in it? Why is it the color it is and how come different brands and different vitamins get different colors, when in fact vitamins are colorless? Vitamin water does contain vitamins as stated but it also contains a hefty amount of sugar and artificial flavoring.

It would be a smarter option to go for plain water or fresh fruit juices. They are sometimes called a gateway drink towards the more dangerous stuff like energy drinks and Coca-Cola. Nothing beats plain old tap water. If you really cannot do without juice, then make your own. It doesn’t take much time, and it’s much healthier. It might be a little more expensive to buy fresh fruits and squeeze them, but would do rather be healthy or save money?

Make your own fresh juice and drink that instead of going for the store-bought varieties that have an excess amount of sugar, no matter what you buy. And when you are juicing by yourself, you can come up with fruit and veggie mixes that don’t even exist on the market!

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  • mallory greenfield

    Leaving aside the junk science, and “sell-the-article” scare tactics – the writer needs to work on some grammar and syntax issues. And – you left out the horrible threat from dihydrogen-monoxide. Shame!

  • green_ember

    So, out of 11, you have alcohol, beer, and frozen mixed drinks listed separately, and diet soda and diet drinks listed separately… was this article written by the Department of Redundancy Department?

  • davbee

    Where was regular sugared soda? If diet soda has no nutritional value, regular soda is merely empty calories.

  • Sooo…everything except water?

  • HappyG

    No doubt a federal grant to an Obama contributor…

  • mtnlion44

    Diet energy drinks probably have very little neg. health impact. For people who struggle with weight, who like the caffeine boost and who have normal heart rhythms, the gain from not ingesting calories outweighs other factors. I try to never get any calories from drinks bc. it allows me to eat more w/o gaining weight. There are no proven negative consequences of caffeine use in even remotely moderate amounts. It is not significantly toxic and since it acts as an antagonist and not an active agent, its effect plateau relatively quickly.

  • Steve Richardson

    Same old story: anything you like = bad.

  • Joe Benten

    And it depends on where you live whether the water is any good for you. In West Virginia the water supply was contaminated by a chemical plant leaking chemicals into a river and people were seriously affected by using the water for showers and no telling how many got sick from it.

  • Frank

    …and Pee.

  • PawzUp

    Why do I read these articles? Do I change what I drink? Nope!

  • Mingo

    I didn’t see coffee or tea on this list? I guess I’m okay.

  • mucholderguy

    Can you prove this? It seems linking Obama to everything is just a conditioned reflex of the conservative brain. At least when Hilary is elected in 2016 you’ll have something new to whine about.

  • HappyG

    I could link 99.999% of the doublespeak directly to this administration…and still be right 100% of the time.

  • Guest

    200 calories for beer? Try Bud Light or Select 55,duh. Pina Colada at 800-900? Wrong try 526 (http://caloriecount.about.com/calories-pina-colada-i14015) do your homework before writing this will ya?

  • Blahblah

    Yay whiskey isnt on there

  • Laka

    Responding with an answer to the question you wanted to know about, that would be an affirmative yes.

  • clemans

    go ahead, try….it would be the same old thing that voters haven’t bought for a long time now except in gerrymandered districts where their votes have been taken away

  • HappyG

    I would clemans, but it only works on normal people. Speaking of gerrymandering…ever been to Massachusetts?

  • clemans

    one thing I have learned over the years is there is no such thing as a normal person……just a very wide range of possibilities

    and yes, on many occasions, but not enough to get involved in their state elections. But I don’t support gerrymandering.

    But just to remind you, you made two claims, one that 99.9% could be linked to the President, and that you could link it.

    And you didn’t back up either claims with fact or a logical follow through to support your claims.

  • HappyG

    Wow, your inability to identify obvious hyperbole is a clear indication of a mental malady…

  • clemans

    more claims, without any back-up

  • W. Gene Simmons

    Lemonade, I don’t drink Lemonade with sugar in it, never liked it sweet. So that should be good that way..

  • Abir Mandal

    Don’t drink water either. It is nutritionally empty. Who is the moron that came up with this shit?

  • Mark

    isn’t water nutrition free as well?

  • Ovee

    and all it takes is one alcoholic drink a day to pickle your brain and other organs… healthy to drink one a day.. NOT

  • GetAClueBucko


  • GetAClueBucko

    What’s wrong with drinking pee? There are plenty of people that like Coors Light.

  • Woody20164

    You do know whiskey is alcohol, right?

  • coover

    Hillary elected in 2016? Do you realize that she will be 73 years old? Now I realize that many 73 year old folks have a lot of years left to live, but even so, with the stress of the Office, I wonder if she’ll make 4 years, and 8 years is really iffy. Additionally, at that age, the brain of many slows down. Many older seniors are sharp, but Dementia is very common. Alzheimer’s eventually killed President Reagan (after he was out of office, of course). Hillary will be 81 at the end of 8 years if she is elected twice. No one is talking about age now, but you can be sure it will be an issue that will keep many from voting for her. I don’t think the Democratic Party will want that to happen, so I really doubt she will be their candidate.

  • Snead Hearn

    Ban all “Internet Lists”.

  • roggy65

    This could have been reduced to one picture/tag line. Plain water is the ONLY healthy choice to drink. We get it already.

  • ckfav

    With all those warnings about diet drinks, there seems to be no mention of the ingredient ASPARTAME in particular. This is an artificial sweetener present in some form in all diet foods or drinks. I suggest that any reader do some research to learn how dangerous this product is. For starters, it was declined approval by the FDA…until Donald Rumsfeld became CEO of G.D. Searle and Co., the owner of the Aspartame patent. You guys can take it from there.

  • Norma Harris-Check

    WOW another demo idiot is what you are!!

  • David Jacob Davis

    it’s an article about sugary drinks and you guys somehow found a way to bring in presidential administrations and gerrymandering? I am actually impressed. Please both of you drink a beer or hot chocolate and close your computers this is a sign you have gone to far… to deep into the internet.

  • FoundingFathersGhost

    What a waste of time this article was. I should have avoided the article.

  • Shawn Dow

    you had 3 things repeat twice …get a new list

  • BB53

    You’re trying to use “far” and “deep” as verbs?

  • BB53

    Not true. Aspartame has been approved as a food ingredient by the US and all European countries. It is not believed to be unsafe.

  • Rocketmissile

    Spoken like a true, clueless A__ Hole Ostrich!

  • Stephine

    And you trust the government agencies that are paid off by big business. All they care about is how to make a buck. Do some research beyond the government supplied propaganda and see how really bad Aspartame really is, especially on the pancreas and the brain.

  • Olga Kim

    “Alcohol, in moderation, can actually be healthy. According to research, a glass of wine or a pint of beer a day can increase your sugar metabolism and can also be healthy for your heart…..”

    Alcohol is pure toxic swill that damages every organ in your body, including the skin, but especially bad for the two most vital organs, the heart and the brain, and is NOT healthy in ANY amount. And this article is suggesting people drink alcohol EVERYDAY? Terrible!

    As soon as this pure poison enters the bloodstream, the damage to the heart and brain is IMMEDIATE.

  • Olga Kim

    Don’t drink water, you die a terrible death from dehydration. As simple as that. Okay, coffee and soda and alcohol and shit is mostly water, fine, then you eventually die of kidney failure or bad liver or from terrible health in general.

  • scubydoo

    The beer I drink is only 55 calories per bottle…Bud 55. Not all beer is bad. Stay thirsty my friends!

  • Being a leftists moron is built in to the liberal non brain!!

  • Jeremy Meyer

    Shut up. It’s delicious

  • Will Sherman

    this is pretty lame….

  • Sal

    Eat sheot

  • effjay4

    That’s a croc of shite!

  • effjay4

    I knew a guy who drank a half bottle of bourbon a day and lived to 92yo.

  • Kilkee

    He says, managing to work multiple grammatical errors into a single short sentence.

  • pete0097

    Ever hear of drowning? Seriously, they list several things twice. Europeans wouldn’t have survived the dark ages without beer. The water was so contaminated in the rivers and streams with human waste that they would have died of the various diseases. the alcohol allowed them water with the critters killed off.

  • jojo

    wow, this is full of crap. Milk is healthy? Cow’s milk? only for baby cows. And tap water? uh, I don’t know where you live, but unless you live somewhere far away from civilization, the water you drink is absolutely chock full of awful substances.

  • Mensch

    All processed food is unhealthy, whether it is solid or liquid. Other than that, any drink that is not plain water, tea or coffee has calories, which need to be added to the daily calorie intake.

  • IrishYank2

    Bud 55 isn’t beer. It’s badly flavored soda water. You’re better off taking off the skirt and drinking real beer.



  • Charles Oster


  • JB

    Plain cows milk has questionable nutrition too and a lot of research proves this. That is why you see a LOT of milk alternatives at the regular store now. Don’t repeat what the Milk lobby is telling you. The Milk industry is also heavily subsidized by the government.

  • Olga Kim

    What are you talking about? Do you think we’re still in the Dark Ages?!

  • Olga Kim

    No. It’s the truth. Once the booze enters the blood stream, instantaneous damage to EVERY organ in your body, but especially to the brain and the heart, and even the skin.

    Alcohol is pure poison. Ever heard of “toxic alcohol poisoning”?

  • Door Mouse

    After reading this I wonder what drink is good for your body?

  • Towman

    Where is Hemlock on this list? I have always heard that drinking it was bad for you.

  • DrJackyl

    Apparently it’s better to die from dehydration than to drink anything whatsoever.

  • DrJackyl

    Stress will kill you too. Do you find joy in anything?

  • lakawak

    I LOVE idiots like you who want to forget 2001-2009 when “the liberal mind” actually blamed Bush for the 2004 Tsunami. Yes…the tsunami itself. And Hurricane Katrina. Not the clean up after (which was the fault of the local governments who failed to declare state of emergencies making it ILLEGAL for the federal government to step in until they did.) No…the ultra lefties blamed Bush for the natural disasters themselves.
    Just knowing that you will eventually kill yourself is the only thing keeping your mother from killing herself out of the shame of having you.

  • Zebulon Conrail

    No, objects of the preposition.

  • Daniel W. Fiddler

    Drinking energy drinks is alright in moderation. It’s in excess that they are a problem.

    First, Caffeine in small amounts is actually good for you, especially in the form of tea (most especially green tea). The idea dosage for maximum benefit with minimal side effects is 240 mg / day. This is equivalent to two 6 oz cups of coffee, three 8.9 ounce cans of Red Bull, or six 8 oz glasses of tea.

    Second, not all energy drinks are loaded with sugar. Some are sweetened with sucralose (Splenda) or stevia. Sucralose is artificial yes and as a result is controversial, but stevia is natural and as far as we know 100% safe.

    Third, the “other stimulants” are ALWAYS Vitamin B-12 and taurine, and sometimes ginseng and / or guarana as well. All of which are natural. Vitamin B-12 is, well, a vitamin. Taurine is actually an enzyme extracted from bile, which is produced by the liver and stored in the gallbladder of certain animals. Ginseng and guarana are both herbs, and ginseng has been used in Chinese medicine for millennia.

    That being said, the fact that they ARE unregulated is an issue in that everyone can buy them, even young children, if they have enough money. I would support legislation where the minimum age to purchase them being 12, 13, 14, or 15.

  • Ben

    Where is regular soda on this list? LOL

  • Mary English O’Malley

    You didn’t look far enough…tea is on there

  • ucho

    No. Water is a nutrient

  • trevsonic

    …and now that i read through the comments, its getting dumber by the second

  • Norml

    Hah! Hillary at 81 will have twice the mental facilities of George Bush ever did.

  • jjjj

    Decent article except for claiming that milk is a healthy drink. Almond milk maybe, but pasteurized milk is terrible for you.

  • Your either very young, or you dont know what your talking about, you work for a energy drink company. There are plenty of proven negative consequences of using too much caffeine such as:

    Caffeine can cause irregular heartbeats in people who drink too much tea/coffee.

    Caffeine, especially when taken in large amounts, can worsen diarrhea.

    In one medical case, a 36-year-old man with controlled bipolar disorder was hospitalized with symptoms of mania after drinking several cans of Red Bull (which contains a lot of caffeine). Once weaned off and given activated charcoal he was ok.

    A while back there was a popular and successful basketball player who drank several cans of red bull during (and before) a game, and then when he went on the court to pay, he dropped dead. He was in his early 20’s. Cause of death? Caffeine overdose which caused his heart to stop.

    Need I go on?

  • warnertoddhuston

    Yeah. Riiiight. It’s always eeeeeeevil capitalism’s fault. It is people being lazy and stupid. It has to be the only system that brought man out of the dark ages that’s at fault. Idiots.

  • jack wall

    She will actually be 69 in 2016 as she was born in 1947.

  • Flex Rockhard

    Lost me as soon as you refer to “twsited capitalist logic.” Thanks so much for blatantly showing your bias early in the article, it let me skip the rest and save time for more important things in my day.

  • Fred_Evil

    You just make crap up as you go along, huh? No liberals ever blamed W for the tsunami, that’s just silly.

  • Fred_Evil

    Sorry, contard said what?

  • Fred_Evil

    Soooo, since they hadn’t figured out sanitation 400 years ago, you’re averse to drinking the healthiest beverage on Earth?
    You can drown in ANY fluid, water is just the most common.

  • Fred_Evil

    Gah, not so much. It’s a poison, and tastes like it.
    Herb on the other hand…. 😉

  • Reginold DrLuvin

    Don’t drink tea? As in green tea? The tea with tons of antioxidants and nearly no calories/sugar/etc?

  • Leanne

    coffee was #15

  • Jeff Good

    Better late than never!!
    Posted: October 7th, 2011 1:15 PM | Author: Henry D’Andrea
    Obama once again blamed Bush, the Tsunami, the Arab Spring, Gas prices, and Europe for the horrible economy.
    The real blame should be at him.
    CNN reported:
    President Barack Obama urged Congress to act on his jobs plan Thursday, saying it was needed to protect the United States from another economic downturn.

    Obama acknowledged that “there is no doubt” that economic growth has slowed and that the economy is “weaker now than it was at the beginning of the year,” when people were more optimistic.

    The Japanese tsunami; the Arab Spring, which drove up gas prices; and economic problems in Europe have caused concerns, he added.

    “And we did not help in Washington with the debt ceiling debacle,” he said.

    Obama said many of the problems the economy faces predate the financial crisis, as middle-class families have seen their wages and incomes remain flat despite rising costs.
    “So folks have been struggling not just for the last three years. They’ve been struggling for over a decade,” he said. “We have to take action that is big enough to meet the moment.”

  • Jeff Good

    May have twice the mental facilities but being Anti-American is still EVIL!!

  • Jeff Good

    Had HUA long?

  • Fred_Evil

    Never, I take it you’ve suffered for suite some time.

  • bev


  • bev

    I agree. and it was quite preachy. Lot of mention of “corporations” and avoiding making them money. Yeah,it was terrible.

  • bev


  • bev


  • bev

    oh,for goodness sakes.LOL!

  • bev

    I should have done the same, Flex

  • Olga Kim

    I found joy in a lot of things. What are you saying? You find only joy in bottle of liquor? How sad for you.

  • Olga Kim

    I find it quite interesting that you are laughing at medical fact. Your brain must be complete mush from all that boozing.

  • bev


  • TornyiBarnabásazIsten

    Suck horse dicks, fucking retard.