7 Benefits Of Eating Leafy Greens


Many call it rabbit food – those dark, leafy greens that are sometimes difficult to work into your daily diet. However, there are plenty of reasons why you should make the effort to include leafy vegetables into your diet each and every day. Greens are vital for weight maintenance, overall wellbeing, and the prevention of several diseases. The healthiest greens include spinach, mustard greens, cabbage, broccoli, turnip greens and kale. Even some types of lettuce are included.

1. Greens are Rich in Nutrients

Many of the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy can be found in greens. Greens contain magnesium, calcium, potassium, folate, vitamin C, vitamin A, B vitamins, lutein, and Omega-3 fats. Of course, the type and amount of nutrients vary according to the type of food eaten.

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