20 Insane Ab Exercises For Ripped Abs


Lying on the floor and performing 100 crunches each day is not going to give you the abs you want. We think that you already knew this, but didn’t know what to do about it. The key is in the diversity of the exercises that will target different muscle groups forming the abs you want.

Look beyond the basic crunch and start using body weight training. It will help you immensely – not just with your abs, but with your entire body.

1. Reverse Crunches

This is one of the most basic exercises for abs that even beginners should be able to perform. Lie with your back on a workout bench. Hold the bench with your hands above your head so that your elbows point to the ceiling.  Your legs should be fully extended with a slight bend on the knee.

Keep your feet flat on the ground, lift your legs and maintain their bent position until your knees touch your elbows.  Your hips will be raised off the bench.  Contract your abs and make sure not to use your legs to gain momentum when you are lifting them. Your head should remain in a neutral position.

Hold the contraction for a second and then slowly release your legs until your feet are flat on the floor again. Perform 20 or 30 repetitions to work your lower abs completely. When you completely master this exercise and reach an advanced stage, you can use ankle weights.

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