8 Of The Healthiest Fruits You Should Eat


Fruits are the gift of nature we many a times fail to appreciate. Even if they are part of your everyday diet, you might be unaware of their numerous health benefits.

To understand their health benefits, let’s take a quick dive in the fruit pool.

1. Banana

You might already know that it provides calcium, potassium, fiber, magnesium and other nutrients. Other health benefits include regulation of PMS symptom, stress- reduction, protection against type II diabetes and the like.

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  • A great list, but I’m somewhat surprised to see one of my favorites omitted: raspberries. Raspberries (and their close cousins, boysenberries, blackberries, and the rest of the bramble-fruits family) are incredible sources of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C, manganese, copper, and vitamin K. perhaps more important, raspberries contain several beneficial anti-oxidants and phytonutrients. Besides, raspberries are absolutely delicious.

  • pony33

    I love watermelon but isn’t it high on the G.I.? Not good for type two diabetes.

  • pony33

    All types of berries are good for you…