Busted! 21 Food Myths That DON’T Help With Weight Loss


Your diet strategy might be helpful for your weight loss goals, but is it grounded in fact? Some food superstitions are more damaging than others. 

For instance, your body could actually benefit if you eliminate late night meals, but loading up on fat and cutting out carbs might have adverse long term effects. When you’re losing weight, food superstitions may not be a priority. Check out the shocking truth behind some of the craziest food superstitions.

1. Margarine As A Better Alternative

The margarine versus butter debate is an ancient one. Margarine broke on the scene about the time when doctors spoke out against saturated fats and their dangers. Saturated fats, found in butter, are associated with an increased risk of heart disease.

In response, consumers switched to margarine, which is lower in saturated fats. The problem is that the margarine brands in your favorite grocery store are more likely to contain hydrogenated (trans) fat and those are not good for you – not for your health nor for your figure.

In fact, some experts have argued recently that, if you can’t live without a breakfast spread, better make it butter. Supposedly it is less harmful for your overall health. Try not to overdo it, of course. Replacing butter with margarine is not an optimal weight loss solution. To lose weight and maintain your health, avoid saturated and trans fat as much as possible.

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