Top 9 Benefits Of Juicing At Home


Many nutrition experts are proponents of at-home juicing for a number of reasons. Juicing is a great way to get nutrition including healthy enzymes and vitamins. In fact, as much as 95% of the vitamins that our bodies need may be found in the juice of raw, fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition to the health benefits, there are other reasons why juicing at home is a great idea for many people.

1. Less Expensive

This benefit may easily be argued depending on where you live and purchase produce. However, from personal experience, ounce over ounce, juicing some fruits and vegetables provides more bang for the buck than buying ready-made, processed juices or concentrates.

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  • These are great tips, but it must be pointed out: even the best juicing practices are not a substitute for consuming whole fruits.

  • Chris

    These recommendations are great, but how many people have the time to grow their own meat and produce????? Sorry, but if you keep these foods to a minimum (I love baloney and sausage, but don’t eat it often) It ‘s my opinion you won’t die quicker. My opinion. ALL food we buy in the stores is bad for you.