21 Reasons Being Vegan Is Awesome


There are myriad reasons why people choose to be vegan and almost all of them are reasons that are good enough even if they were the sole reasons. That being said, there is often this thing hanging in the air that being vegan is not awesome in anyway.

Well, today we will be changing your mind about this. We will give you 21 reasons why being vegan is awesome as hell. Who knows, maybe we convince someone to make the choice. That would be awesome!

1. Vegans Don’t Wear Leather Pants

Let’s be honest, there are not that many people who have ever pulled off leather pants successfully. Jim Morrison and maybe two or three more people did it well. Everyone else looks like a douche in leather pants. It is just the cold, hard reality and people need to face this once and for all.

When you are a vegan, wearing leather pants is not even an option. You are effectively prevented from being that douche in leather pants. And this goes for so many other clothing options that involve killing and skinning animals.

How much better would the world be without ladies in fur coats with their noses so high up in the air they cannot smell their own farts? Or, to get back to the subject at hand, without lame lead singers from even lamer bands trying to wear leather pants without looking like douches?


2. Vegans Don’t Eat Disgusting Meat Products

Perhaps the greatest swindle in the history of humanity is the fact that processed meat manufacturers have managed to find a way to market their products as appetizing and delicious. It must have taken so much work that those people really deserve some kind of recognition.

Namely, when you do some research (and it does not really have to be some serious research), you find out such incredibly disgusting facts about various meat products that you cannot help but wonder why anyone would put something like that in their body. But people do. Kudos to the people who have accomplished this little scam.

This magic of theirs simply does not work on you if you are vegan. You can coolly and objectively see their products for what they are – mushed up bone, pigeons and god knows what all processed beyond recognition and served to people. Who actually pay for it!


3. Vegans Help End Famine

Things have been looking up these last few decades when the problem of famine is in question, that is for sure. For all their inefficiency and corruption “certain organizations” have actually done quite well in this regard. The number of people who suffer and die from starvation is on a steady decline. That being said, there is still a LOT more that could be done.

One of the easiest ways is for everyone to go vegetarian or vegan. Why? Well, it all comes down to numbers.

Raising cattle and other animals for human consumption requires food. In order to produce a certain amount of animal-based food for human consumption, a significantly larger amount of plant-based foods need to be used.

To make things even clearer, if we stopped raising animals for slaughter, more people would never know the meaning of the word famine.


4. Vegans Don’t Become Impotent

Impotence is not awesome. Do not get us wrong; we are not saying that if a man is impotent he is any less of a man. But still, if it comes down to the lifestyle choices you are making as a man, taking a path that could make you impotent is not awesome. No matter how you cut it. A big fat juicy steak will never be better than sex (if you do it right, of course).

When it comes to being potent, a lot of it has to do with blood flow. So what is bad for blood flow and the overall state of the cardiovascular system? Saturated fats and bad cholesterol that red meat is packed full of.

Veggies and fruits, on the other hand, promote a healthy cardiovascular system and make sure your brain chemistry is balanced, contributing to your libido.


5. Vegans Don’t Worry About Lactose Intolerance

All of us or at least most of us know someone who is lactose intolerant. And we can all agree that there is not much pride in being lactose intolerant. You know, having to avoid everything that has even an iota of milk in it, lest you become a bloated half-person, half-zeppelin with all kinds of natural venting areas going off at the worst possible times.

Vegans never have these problems. Even if their bodies might struggle to digest lactose found in milk and dairy products, they don’t care because they simply do not drink or eat them.

In addition to doing away with the issue of lactose intolerance, vegan substitutes are also much healthier in other ways. Depending on the substitute you go with, you will be introducing innumerable beneficial nutrients and substances that will make you much healthier.


6. Your Arteries Are Not Clogged

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. This is not something we invented or something that comes from less than reputable sources. This is according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, i.e. the leading health organization in the U.S. According to them, more than 600,000 Americans die of heart disease every year.

A huge part of this is cholesterol which forms plaque in arteries, causing elevated blood pressure, clogs being formed and consequently breaking off and lodging somewhere, causing strokes and other types of events that kill. Most of the cholesterol comes from animal-based foods and this is another simple fact.

A vegan diet is much better when it comes to your arteries’ health and in fact, switching to such a diet after years of enjoying animal-based foods will dramatically improve one’s cardiovascular system, reducing chances of various conditions.


7. You Save Animals By Not Eating Them

The belief that animals were put on this earth just so they can end up on our plates is so antiquated and barbaric that it is not even funny. Animals are living beings that follow very simple evolutionary principles where getting killed to be someone’s food is not something they strive for. It would be pure insanity to claim otherwise.

The sheer numbers paint an even worse picture. Around 60 billion land animals and more than trillion marine animals are killed every year for human consumption. The numbers are simply ridiculous and they cannot not make you wince if you have heart.

A vegan lifestyle ensures you are not one of the people partaking in this annual industrial-grade genocide. Not only are you not eating animals, but you are also preventing them from being exploited for other food such as eggs, for instance.


8. Vegans Have Less Chemicals In Breast Milk

Breastfeeding is a good thing. It is not a human invention. It is something that evolution and biology worked on for millions of years in order to give mammal infants the best chances of surviving the early years. Just listing all the reasons why breastfeeding is a good thing would take up too much space and, to be perfectly honest, time as well.

Unfortunately, we live in a world that is a far cry from what evolution and biology had in mind when “coming up” with breastfeeding. The environment is so polluted and so “artificial” that the breast milk is often packed full of various PCBs, pesticides and whatnot.

The good news here is that a vegan diet reduces the amount of such pollutants entering a mother’s body, thus reducing the amounts of these potentially harmful substances in breastmilk. And that is awesome.


9. Vegans Often Enjoy Ethiopian, Indian And Japanese Food

Over the last 100 years, the world has become smaller, in a good way. Whereas 50 years ago you wouldn’t dream of eating in an Ethiopian restaurant in the middle of the Midwest, these days, you can do just that, no problem. We used Ethiopian as an example. These days, you can taste delicious foods from all corners of the world in your city.

For some people, however, discovering new flavors and new incredible dishes is difficult since they often contain no meat and other “American staple foods” they cannot live without.

For vegans, this is not a problem. They are always on the lookout for delicious new foods, no matter where they come from, be that Ethiopia, India or Japan, just to name a few.

It is all about becoming a true citizen of the world. And that is awesome.


10. Vegans Stand Up For The Voiceless

Unless some sort of weird Animal Farm or Planet of the Apes scenario takes place in real life, we will never hear animals complaining about their fates of being born and raised only to end up on a plate. We will never see animals protesting the fact they are crammed together with thousands of their kind in appalling conditions with nothing but slaughter to look forward to.

It is a sad fate. It is a fate that brings tears to your eyes if you really think about it, even if you are the most ardent meat-eater in the world. The animals will never raise their voice and they will continue to be exterminated, for the lack of a better word.

Being vegan, raising your human voice for these voiceless masses is a part of your life. You are letting other humans understand the ordeal of animal existence in this cruel world.


11. Vegans Belong To A Smarter Demographic

There is always a danger of this particular entry on our list coming off a tad smug, but we are talking scientific data here. Namely, according to the study done a few years ago at the University of Southampton in the UK, vegetarians did much better on IQ tests than the omnivorous population. And since we all know vegans are enhanced vegetarians, it goes without saying that vegans are even smarter.

It is debatable how much of this has to do with the actual vegan lifestyle and how much of it has to do with the kind of people who choose to live a vegan lifestyle. Ok, this sounded a bit unclear.

Namely, there is no scientific data that shows the vegan lifestyle boosts IQ. It might just have to do with the fact that people with a higher IQ realize vegan is the way to go. In any case, as a vegan, you are a part of the smarter demographic and that is awesome.


12. 4-Yo-1 Ratio Of Female-To-Male Vegans

Just a little disclaimer before you start reading this entry on our list – it is sort of aimed at the male population. The reason for this is that the ratio is already so skewed towards the female vegan population that there really is a good need to get more guys on board.

Namely, according to the latest stats, almost 80 percent of the vegan population is female. It is unclear whether this has to do with men being less ready to give up on meat or maybe something to do with our previous entry (just joking), but the fact is that there are far more women than men vegans.

So, if you are a guy and you want to improve your chances of finding a life partner, going vegan might just be one of the smartest moves available to you.


13. Vegans Face Less Temptation

Temptation is everywhere. Especially when it comes to food. Food is an immense business and people who manufacture food will stop at nothing to make you salivate over their products. You will be tempted constantly at grocery stores and supermarkets; you will be tempted constantly by commercials and advertisements. Everywhere you look, you are tempted by delicious-looking food.

The end result of that? 35 percent of the American adult population being obese. Not overweight. Obese. It is incredible that food manufacturers are still allowed to pawn their life-shortening products, but they are. There seems to be no stopping them.

When you are vegan, this simply is not your concern anymore. You know better. You know that delicious looking burger will kill you. You know that there are innumerable healthy alternatives that will prolong your life and not cut it short.

Temptation is not so tempting anymore.


14. Vegans Are Consistent When They Say They Love Animals

Everyone loves animals these days. It has become a faux pas not to mention that you love animals at least once a day. The guy who eats 10 steaks every day claims that he is a great animal lover and that animal rights are dear to his heart. The lady who feasts on chicken breasts and salmon steaks swears that she feels animals have the same rights as humans. She would never eat a non-free range chicken, she says.

There has to be some very serious logical dissonance here. There is really no way in which you can honestly care about animal rights and then gorge yourself on their carcasses.

Vegans can honestly say that they do not suffer from this “condition”. Their love of animals is confirmed by their lifestyle choice. They are real.


15. Vegans Have Better Karma

We are no philosophers here at Diet.st. Not by a longshot. Still, we cannot help but think that there must be something to that whole karma thing. Or at least, it would be nice if the universe worked that way. You do something good, sooner or later, it comes back to you and you are rewarded in some (however inconsequential) way. Sure, we have our times when it seems this is just not true, but then we shake of the despair and start “believing” in karma again.

Once you adopt a vegan lifestyle, there is plenty to look forward to, karma-wise. For one, you are being good to yourself, helping your body and mind stay healthy. You are also helping the animals by ceasing to see them as food sources. In addition, you are helping the planet and the environment.

It all has to come back in one way or another. Right?


16. Vegans Have Beautiful Skin

Whether you want to admit it or not and whether you think it is a good or a bad thing, we do live in a society that places a lot of importance on physical appearance. Some might say that we have reached a pathological level of obsession with good looks, but hey, is it really that wrong to want to look beautiful?

Well, it turns out that going vegan is one of the best things you can do for your looks, not just when it comes to staying fit, but also when we are talking skin. Namely, a vegan diet is rich in vitamins C and E, known as powerful antioxidants that help fight brown spots and wrinkles. Antioxidants that are also great for skin can be found in abundance in vegan meals.

In addition to this, as a vegan, you will give up on essentially harmful skin products that you will replace with healthier, natural alternatives.


17. Vegans Save On Groceries

Quite often, you will hear people saying that the vegan diet is all fine and dandy, but too expensive. For some reason, the majority of people believe vegan diet costs an arm and a leg. In reality, this is simply not the case. If you know how to do it right.

For one, mock cheeses and meats are expensive, there is no denying that. However, who says you need them? There are so many alternatives to these, such as beans, legumes and lentils, for instance. Also, plenty of vegan staples can be bought in bulks at great discounts, such as different types of beans.

Another good idea is to find out more about the various recipes and ways to eat vegan on a budget. It is not too much work and the end result will be much cheaper groceries.

It’s not like anyone is giving out meat for free, anyway.


18. Vegans Are Always Discovering New Greens

One of the absolutely best things about being a vegan is discovering new vegetables, fruits and greens that will transform your dishes and which will open whole new avenues of flavor in your life. This is something most omnivores do not bother with, not even dreaming what they are missing.

For instance, you soon learn that turnips and beats come with leafy, green parts that are delicious if you know how to prepare them. You also learn that dandelion leaves can be incredible if you include them in your meals. You soon discover more exotic veggies such as kohlrabi or salsify.

You also discover exotic new fruits like cherimoya, black sapote, canistel, feijoas, kalamansi and many others, each more delicious than the last one. After a while, you realize that we eat only a fraction of all the delicious greens available in the world.

Not anymore.


19. Parma!

You know that it has to be something really special to become an entry all on its own. And really, if you ask any vegan living in the U.S. about their favorite foods, you will hear about Parma! more often than not. We are not being paid to promote it or anything else, but it really is a vegan’s best friend.

In case you haven’t tried it, Parma! is a dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, GMO-free and totally kosher vegan parmesan substitute which boasts all of that nutty, almost meaty flavor that you get from parmesan and that works so well in so many dishes.

In addition to being totally mouth-watering, it is also packed full of B complex vitamins, complete protein, Omega 3 fatty acids, trace minerals and much more.

Once again, we are not paid to promote it and we just had to put it on our list – Parma!


20. No Carcasses In The Fridge

This is something most omnivores do not think about. It is as if their conscious minds have been trained to ignore this fact. The fact that half of the stuff in their fridge is dead bodies and pieces of carcasses. There is no other word for it. These are carcasses and they are in your fridge unless you are a vegan.

There are moments when omnivores become consciously aware of this (perhaps when you remind them in your naughty hours) and the change on their face when they do tell you the whole story. They really do not think about this. Somehow.

If for nothing else, it pays off to be a vegan just so you do not have to deal with this sudden realization that your fridge is half-full of carcasses.

The mere word is disgusting. Carcasses. That you eat.


21. Vegans Experience The Joy Of Their Loved Ones Finding Their Way

Let us, for a moment, imagine another lifestyle choice besides veganism that makes your body and mind healthier, helps you save money, saves animals and contributes to the environment. You would want to get on the rooftops and shout about it, wouldn’t you? You would lose your voice trying to explain to people this lifestyle choice, wouldn’t you?

And then, you would sit back and watch your friends and family adopt this lifestyle change that will make them so much happier and more complete.

This is exactly what happens when you go vegan. You become one of the enlightened ones and you feel the true and honest happiness of seeing others find their way. It has nothing to do with feeling superior or smug. It is about experiencing the joy of others.

And there is nothing more awesome than that.

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