5 Non-Diet Factors Affecting Your Weight


If you are feeling stressed out about the fact that you are not able to lose weight, no matter how healthy you are eating, then don’t fret. It isn’t really all about what you eat. There are non-dietary factors that can lead to having trouble getting the pounds off.

These are the five most common ones.

Artificial Additives

Basically, these are found in just about any processed food that exists. These artificial preservatives found in the food can lead to obesity and even diabetes.

Your shift

It has been shown that people who work night shifts are more likely to gain weight faster. This is because they tend to burn calories much slower. Maybe it’s the lack of sun?


If you are constantly being teased and shamed about your weight, you are likely to keep gaining weight. Positive reinforcement can, of course, help you shed pounds.


Environmental chemicals that are found, unfortunately, in just about everything, can slow down weight loss. These hazardous chemicals can be found in electronics, carpet padding, and many more things.


It’s not just about whether your parents are fat. Gut bacteria, which is genetic, can be a factor that is strongly connected with your ability to control your weight.


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