6 Unusual Uses For Green Tea


Green tea is widely regarded as one of the best ways to boost your energy, improve focus and even lose weight. There are hundreds of varieties of green tea on the market today, and fortunately, there are a great many uses for the product as well. Whether you are using tea bags, green tea powder or dried tea leaves, there are numerous creative ways to reap the benefits that green tea has to offer. Here are 6 uses for green tea that many people don’t consider, but should.

1. In Juice/Smoothies

Adding steeped and cooled green tea to green juice or smoothies is a great way to reap the benefits of the tea, while also consuming other nutrients or even a meal. In green juice recipes, green tea is an excellent way to tone down the bitterness of the spinach and celery.  


2. Marinade

Marinating fish or chicken in green tea provides the meat with a fresh, earthly taste. Salmon is one of the best types of seafood to marinate in green tea as the sweet flavor of the fish marries well to the sweet yet bitter flavor of the tea.


3. Ice Cream

Green tea ice cream is very popular in Asian cultures, and is served at many Asian restaurants. Depending on your geographic location, you might also be able to find it at your local international farmer’s market. What better way to get nutritional benefits while also enjoying dessert?


4. Frosting

Adding green tea powder to frosting provides a light, airy green color and a wonderfully sweet flavor that will match well with cupcakes or muffins. Green tea frosting will match especially well with flavors such as berry, vanilla or chocolate.   


5. Sauce

Brewed green tea can be used in sauces to liven up flavor and provide a nice contrast to other ingredients. Adding spices and vegetables and pureeing a green tea mixture will also enhance the natural flavor of the tea.  


6. Over Rice

Pouring hot green tea over rice dishes is very popular in Japanese cooking. As the rice and other ingredients soak up the flavorful tea, the dish will be transformed into a wonderful, hearty, healthy stew of sorts.

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