7 Benefits Of Including Dry Fruits In Your Diet


Dry fruits are warming foods that provide a high level of thermal energy and keep you warm during winters. However, care needs to be taken to strike a balance between warming and cooling foods to maintain the optimal body temperature.

Following are several dry fruit related benefits, reassuring you to include these in your diet:

1. Maintains Cholesterol

Dry fruits can help maintain good cholesterol (HDL) level and lower the level of bad cholesterol (LDL). Almonds for instance help lower the LDL cholesterol from the blood and the fat content in pistachio does the same. Overall, dry fruits help reduce the risk of heart diseases.


2. Fights Cancer

Dry fruits are found to be effective in fighting cancer by stopping the growth of cancer cells. In some cases it’s believed to be effective in killing cancer cells as well. Dates, raisins, prunes dried figs etc are said to contain this property.


3. Helps Produce Hemoglobin

A deficiency of hemoglobin can cause trouble in the transportation of oxygen around the body. Iron intake is necessary for the production of hemoglobin. Dates, raisins, dried apricots and prunes are rich in iron and help build hemoglobin.


4. Has Anti Aging Properties

Dry fruits have anti aging properties and were said to be consumed by kings and queens. Cashew nuts are known to be rich in vitamin E that is beneficial for the skin.


5. Aids in Weight Control

Avoiding the processed kind, dry fruits can help with weight control because they contain high amounts of energy and dietary fiber. Almonds for instance are rich in vitamins and minerals. Nibbling on dry fruits, in a controlled manner, can help you feel full and easily manage weight.


6. Helpful for Diabetes

Cashew nuts, pistachio, almonds and figs are said to play a vital role in controlling blood sugar levels.


7. Benefit the Body Organs

Different dry fruits hold benefits for the different bodily organs. For instance walnut is said to play an important part in the development of the brain. Raisins are beneficial for bones and pistachio is useful for healthy functioning of the eyes.

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