7 Desserts Under 150 Calories


We all crave something sweet at some time or another. Those cravings typically hit you when you are trying to avoid sugar. It seems so easy to give into temptation, then feel guilty 30 minutes later. There’s no need to deprive yourself and then go on an ice cream eating binge. Look below for some low-cal treats.

1. Dark Chocolate Biscotti

For a rich experience, try dark chocolate biscotti. It’s not quite a gooey chocolate chip cookie, but it’s pretty close. This hard cookie type treats are great by themselves, or dunked in coffee or skimmed milk. Make sure to use whole wheat flour and add flaxseed for added health benefits.


2. Pink Grapefruit Sorbet

This simple fresh treat is perfect for a warm, sunny day. All you need is fresh pink grapefruit juice and sugar. Combine one half cup of the juice with three quarters cup of sugar over heat to dissolve the sugar. Add two and a half cups of juice to the mixture and use your ice cream mixer to finish the treat.


3. Butterscotch Bars

Who says you have to suffer during a diet? These rich butterscotch bars have whole wheat flour, oats, and butterscotch. They are a perfect treat for guests. You all can enjoy the great tasting flavor without being loaded down with calories. Of course, you can’t eat the whole batch, but a small square will be rich enough to satisfy you.


4. Crema Catalana

Try a Spanish very of crème brulée. This rich decadent custard is delicious with its crunchy-sugar coating.


5. Chocolate Haystacks

Have a chocolate craving? These easy chocolate haystacks are sure to satisfy it. Three simple ingredients: fiber cereal, semi-sweet chocolate chips and two teaspoons of peanut butter. Melt chocolate and PB and add in the cereal. It’s that easy.


6. Cookies ‘n’ Cream Tortoni

With a review of “tastes like ice cream”, who wouldn’t want to try these? Crush four reduced-fat cream-filled chocolate sandwich cookies and add one and a half teaspoons of butter. Add the cookie mixture to six muffin cup liners. Then crush five more cookies and add fat-free vanilla pudding and one half cup of reduced-calorie whipped topping. Add the mixture to the cups and freeze.


7. Banana “Ice Cream”

This one is the cheapest, easiest and healthiest dessert you could possibly ever make. Freeze slices of banana and then put them in a blender. Add a tiny bit of chocolate syrup, if you really need some processed sugar.

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