7 Foods To Avoid During The Holidays


Holiday season is a non-stop gauntlet of delicious foods to stuff your mouth with, the only problem is that 99% of those foods are going to kill your physique and overall health. Do your best this season to avoid these holiday foods!

1. Eggnog

What might seem like a harmless winter drink can actually be a detriment to your health. Loaded with over 300 calories per glass and it’s fair share of sugar, look to substitute eggnog with some spiced cider instead.


2. Fruitcake

But fruitcake sounds healthy, doesn’t it? Well, yes it sounds healthy, but that doesn’t mean it is. The fruit itself isn’t what you have to worry about, it’s the added sugar, butter and corn syrup that you should be avoiding.


3. Candied Yams

Another dish that could be healthy if you ate some ingredients separately. Yams are a great source of vitamin A and beta carotene, but the “candied” part of the recipe is what will be your demise.


4. Cranberry Sauce

Again, cranberries are super healthy because of their high amounts of vitamin E, K and C, but a normal canned cranberry serving contains a whopping 105 grams of sugar!


5. Turkey Skin

Oh but it tastes so good! You should know if something tastes that good, there are going to be some setbacks. Although the turkey itself is a great source of protein, the skin has about 70 more calories and can hold a lot more fat as well.


6. Croissants

These light and fluffy treats melt in your mouth, especially with some butter spread. That being said, this pastry is loaded with calories, unhealthy white flour and a decent amount of fat that will make your new years’ resolution harder to keep.


7. Caramel Apples

Although the apples are healthy and loaded with fiber and other nutrients, it’s the caramel that makes this holiday treat so devilishly good. The caramel sauce is pure sugar and high fructose corn syrup, which are two of the worst things you can put into your body.

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