11 Seeds You Should Consume


One of the most easily ignored food items in our daily diet is seeds. Seeds contain many health benefits and therefore should be part of a well rounded diet.

Following is a list of 7 seeds you should consume:

1. Flax Seeds

Tear shaped and brown in color, they are known for containing omega 3 fatty acids (good fats), lignans (gives innumerable health benefits such as ease with menopause symptoms) and mucilage (enabling absorption of essential nutrients from the intestine).

2. Sunflower Seeds

These seeds are abundant in vitamin e, which is an anti inflammatory agent (for instance, reduces symptoms of osteoporosis), reduces symptoms of menopause, prevents cardiovascular diseases and has several other beneficial properties.

3. Pumpkin Seeds

Not only are these rich in manganese, zinc, phosphorous, copper and other trace minerals, they contain the many subtypes of vitamin e. Pumpkin seeds are said to be effective as antioxidants, thus preventing you from heart risks and cancer.

Additionally, it helps in insulin regulation and is especially beneficial for diabetics.

4. Chia Seeds

These can help you lose weight by reducing cravings and preventing absorption of certain food into the system. They expand in the belly and make you feel full.

5. Hemp Seeds

Another effective seed when it comes to weight loss. Hemp seeds increase your metabolism, provide you with energy and help you lose weight in a healthy fashion. Added to this is the benefit of protection against cancer and heart related issues.

6. Pomegranate Seeds

Contained inside the juicy sac, pomegranate seeds are also a popular choice for weight watchers. It also gives you healthy gums, strong immune system, and healthier bones.

7. Sesame Seeds

This has to be one of the most popular seeds and you might have already consumed it several times. If you haven’t, then you might need the help of sesame seeds to provide you with basic nutrients and regulate your cholesterol to keep your heart healthy.

Seeds reflect how good things come in small packages. You can choose to sprinkle these beneficial food items on your meals or swallow them with a water.

8. Papaya seeds

If you like pomegranate seeds you’re going to love papaya seeds. Rich in oleic and palmitic acids that fight cancer and boost the immune system, they were used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. In modern medicine, they are used for the detoxification of the liver.

9. Wheat germ

Rich in fibers, they are perfect for any diet and often recommended by doctors to those who are struggling with their weight. Wheat germs also contain essential fatty acids and fatty alcohols, but more importantly, they are a great source of vitamin E.

10. Apricot seeds

Another cancer fighter on our list, apricot seed contains amygdalin that attacks cancer cells. However, they also contain another substance that’s not so good for you: cyanide. So, be careful and do not eat a lot of them. There are several studies being conducted right now to determine just how helpful apricot seeds are.

11. Cumin seeds

Originally cultivated in Iran and the Mediterranean region, cumin has been in use since ancient times. In Sanskrit, cumin is known as Jiraka. Jira means “that which helps digestion”. It is used to treat diseases like fever, loss of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal distension, edema and puerperal disorders.

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