15 Silly Tips To Destroy Fat


We all want to get rid of unsightly fat. Sometimes there are simple, even silly things we can do to burn the fat. The following 7 tips will help you melt away those extra pounds.

1. Use Cinnamon

Cinnamon contains antioxidants that help to stabilize your blood sugar. This will help you to store less fat. Cinnamon tastes great on fruit, toast and sweet potatoes. Cinnamon will also boost your energy levels.


2. Include Vinegar in Your Diet

Apple cider vinegar is great for helping the digestion system and increasing metabolism. Three tablespoons a day will do wonders. It is recommended, however, not to drink more than three due to the acidic level of the vinegar.


3. Suck in Your Stomach

This is not just deceptive advertising. Sucking in the stomach uses and strengthens the abdominal muscles and ultimately burns fat. While you’re doing it, keep your head up and straighten your back. This will also improve your posture.


4. Drink Ice Water

Water is great for keeping you full longer and flushing out your digestive system. It also forces your body to burn more calories to keep you warm. If you can stand it, taking cold showers can also have the same effect.


5. Eat Slowly

It takes the brain an average of 20 minutes to relay to the rest of the body that it’s full. People can eat an enormous amount of food in twenty minutes. Take smaller bites and then take at least ten seconds to chew each bite. Even get into the habit of putting your fork down between bites. You’ll be amazed how much less you’ll eat and still feel full.


6. Fidget a Lot

People who are toe-tappers, finger-tappers, and just plain fidgety burn a lot more energy throughout the day. And if you have a choice, always stand instead of sitting down.


7. Laugh More

Laughing burns calories. And when people say they laughed so hard their stomach hurt they probably mean it. Deep belly laughs get the muscles working, which in turn will burn that extra fat. Spend time around people who make you laugh or rent several of your favorite comedies.

8. Eat a lot of Celery

Very rich in fibers and water, celery is what’s called a negative calorie food. This means that our organism spends more calories to digest it than it receives from it. One cup of raw celery sticks equals 16 calories compared to whopping 200 calories in one cup of pretzels.

9. Do not skip meals!

You probably already know this but we have to emphasize the importance of a regular eating schedule. As soon as you skip one meal, your body goes into defense mode, afraid that it will not receive food for a longer period of time, and starts storing fat.

10. Emergency packs

We all have urges to binge every once in a while, but for those occasions, you should use what we like to call emergency packs. Find whatever healthy food you like the best and combine it with a little bit of lemon and put it in the fridge. So, next time you’re feeling the urge to have burger, just eat some of your emergency pack.

11. Walking before and after meals

Walking not only destroys fat but it helps with the digestion process. Try to combine that walk with some chores and you’ve killed two birds with one stone. The thing you should remember is to always have a bottle of water with you, and if you feel hungry just take few sips and keep on walking.

12. Keep track of your weight

This is somewhat painful, especially to those of us who are just starting with diets, but statistics have shown that people who keep track of their weight and subsequent weight loss are more likely to lose weight than the ones who just freestyle it.

13. Beware of fat free foods

Although the combination of those words “fat free” means that this product is something that you should eat, remember that there is no perfect trade off. Products with labels like fat free and zero trans fats are filled with sugar and sodium.

14. Eat more soup

Not only does soup helps with the digestion process but it also stops us from feeling hungry! Studies have shown that people who ate soup before their main course, not only ate less of it but they actually felt “fuller” than the ones who did not.

15. Apples are your best friend

An apple a day keeps doctor away goes the old saying and they were right, it does keep the doctor at bay. Apples may reduce the risk of colon cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancer plus they work in pretty much the same way as soups, fooling the body into thinking it’s full.

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