8 Food Items To Include In Your Breakfast


Eating breakfast like a king is a popular statement that is easily under practiced. To begin your day at a healthy note, start with waking up early in the morning.

This gives you more time to include the following items to your breakfast table.

1. Bananas

The morning banana diet gained popularity in Japan and is now prevalent in several different parts of the world. Essentially high in fiber content, bananas keep your weight at a healthy scale.

The potassium content keeps your heart healthy and the natural sugars help maintain your blood sugar level.

2. Oats

Flavored oats contain processed sugar that can outweigh its health benefits. Plain oats not only help lower cholesterol levels but also have a high satiety index (the index measures the food’s tendency to make you feel full), and its omega 3 component keeps your brain healthy.

3. Yogurt

Your body needs calcium, proteins, carbohydrates, phosphorus alongside a good immune system- and yogurt provides all of these nutrients. If you cannot eat plain yogurt, use it as a dressing for other breakfast items.

4. Eggs

Being high in protein content, eggs can provide you with a good amount of vitamin D and vitamin A and provide you with the benefits for a healthy and strong eye sight. Eggs also have a high satiety index and prevent unnecessary weight gain.

5. Mint

If you just want to enjoy a warm cup of a drink then make yourself a mint tea. Add some mint leaves to a warm cup of water and enjoy its purifying properties.

6. Whole wheat bread

Being in a routine of consuming toast for breakfast can be made healthy by eating whole wheat bread or brown bread. Not only is it rich in carbohydrates but has greater health benefits in comparison to white bread.

7. Vegetable soup

Making soup early in the morning is a tedious task. A carrot, cabbage, corn, broccoli soup can be prepared at night and consumed easily the following morning to give you a healthy start.

8. Muesli

If you don’t wish to spend time cooking your oats, a nutritious and delicious muesli bar can do the trick for you.

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