8 Weird Tips On Melting Away The Fat


Getting rid of fat can be a frustrating process. It can seem like a case of two steps forward and three steps back. You know that you must pay attention to your diet and exercise, but that doesn’t make it any less challenging.

There are some effective tricks that are often overlooked in the fight against fat. Here are 8 tips you may not have heard of.

1. Eat Leisurely Meals

In countries such as France, that suffer from low rates of obesity, they have a custom of eating slow, sociable meals. The faster you eat, the more you tend to consume. When you eat slower, your body has more time to metabolize the food so you feel more satisfied with less food.


2. Eat More Spicy Foods

There is evidence that spicy foods satisfy your appetite more than bland foods. There are many ways to spice up food, such as by including more varieties of ethnic foods such as Thai, Indian or Mexican.


3. Eat Out Less

When you eat out, you tend to pay less attention to things like nutrition and calories. When you shop for your own food and cook it yourself, you can take more care in what you consume.


4. Do Interval Training

Research shows that you burn more fat in less time by alternating between easy and difficult pace with aerobic exercise.

For example, you will get more benefit from doing 15 minutes of interval training on a stationary bike or elliptical machine than keeping a steady pace for 30 minutes.


5. Get Smaller Plates

This may sound too simple to be effective, but the fact is that most people eat whatever is on their plates. This harks back to when we were children and our parents told us to finish what was put in front of us.

By using smaller plates and bowls, you can cut back on your portions and calories.


6. Don’t Overlook Strength Training

There is a widespread myth that aerobic exercise is for losing weight while weight lifting and strength training is for getting strong and building muscles. This is only a partial truth. Strength training will make you stronger, but it’s also one of the most efficient ways to burn fat.


7. Have a Glass of Wine

Recent studies have shown that drinking one or two glasses of wine per day can help you burn fat. Red wine also contains some very beneficial antioxidants which may help promote heart health.

The benefits of drinking any type of alcohol, however, only come with light to moderate drinking.


8. Don’t Trust in Sugar Substitutes

Everyone knows that sugar makes you fat, but the belief that sugar substitutes are any better is a myth. In fact, some sugar substitutes such as saccharine may actually cause you to put on more weight than plain sugar.

Even natural sweets such as fruit should be consumed in moderation.

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