9 Tips For Eating Healthy On A Budget


Eating healthy is difficult enough, but eating healthy on a budget seems near impossible. Follow these 9 tips if you want to eat healthy and avoid overspending.

1. Buy From Farmer Markets

You can save a good amount of money by shopping at local farmer markets. The food will be fresh, organic and still cost cheaper (or around the same) as other grocery stores. Not to mention you’ll be helping out a local business.


2. Don’t Shop When You’re Hungry!

It’s obvious but needs to be said. When you are hungry you don’t think rationally and chances are you will make bad decisions in the grocery store.


3. Buy Store Brands

This goes especially for more expensive things like honey, extra virgin olive oil, nuts, dried fruits and cleaning products (paper towels etc.). Most of the products will have the same nutrition, but double check the ingredients to make sure.


4. No Pre-Prepared Foods

Not only are prepared foods expensive for the amount you get, but it’s absolutely horrible for you too. TV dinners and other pre-packaged, processed foods will make you fat and feel like crap.


5. Shop The Perimeter

Whenever you head to the grocery store you usually will be greeted by fruits, vegetables and all other types of fresh produce… start there! After that, all you should be doing is making one large circle all the way around the store until you get to the registers.


6. Limit Junk Food

Junk food is unhealthy and expensive. Need I say more?


7. Shop With Cash

If you only have a certain amount of cash on you there is no way you will go over budget!


8. Shop With A Points Credit Card

Wait, didn’t I just say shop with cash? Yes I did. BUT if you can stay on budget while using a credit card that gives you points for buying groceries then why not do that? This all depends if you have good self-discipline and are willing to stay on budget.


9. Buy In Bulk (When Necessary)

I like to do my bulk shopping with foods like rice, pasta, nuts, beans, flour, oils, spices, cleaning supplies and other non-perishable products.

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