A Proper Diet Can Help You With Depression


Choosing the right meal for your everyday lunch is more than just satisfying your hunger, it’s much more complex than that. The choice you make when selecting your next dish is an important factor in preventing diseases, maintaining weight, and improving your athletic performance, but it also significantly impacts your mental health. With the right pick, you will notice your energy levels increasing, as well as your productivity and your mood – logically, by making the wrong choices, you could end up stressed and even depressed.

There’s an ongoing research that tells us that a typical American diet, high in saturated fats, sugar and processed foods (and low in fresh foods) can highly contribute to increased rates of tension, anxiety, and depression.

So, what food should you be focusing on?

Some of the things you should avoid include pasta dishes, sweet potatoes, sugar, candy bars, and cookies. Opt for quinoa instead of pasta, you still get your protein while receiving more energy and fiber. White potatoes or cauliflower “mashed potatoes” are great substitutes for sweet potatoes, and always go for fresh, tasty fruits instead of candy cookies. Studies have shown that diets high in saturated fats greatly contribute to dopamine suppression. Don’t think that you should quit eating fats completely, just make sure to always maintain a decent balance when dieting. And steer clear of the drive-throughs and boxed meals, they are one of your main enemies, despite the fact they look, smell, and taste so good.

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