An Inappropriate Diet Is A Strong Factor In Early Deaths


According to studies, high blood pressure coming from bad diets contributes to deaths nearly as much as smoking and air pollution. Excessive consumption of red meat and beverages that are heavily sweetened had a say in 21% of global deaths.

A new study closely examined 14 risk factors in diets and determined that people should always make sure to increase fruit, whole grain, and vegetable consumption, and look to reduce the amount of red meat and sweetened drinks. These two steps combined could heavily reduce the risk of suffering from ischemic heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

Although age and family history do have major parts in the frequency of occurrence of these issues, obesity, over salting, lack of exercise and drinking too much alcohol surely don’t help. Dr Ivy Shiue, senior researcher at Northumbria University and a co-author of the study says:

We need to focus on minimizing risks clustering from childhood to adulthood, such as poor diet and low physical activity, to reduce the burden our health system and ensure that we all live long and healthy lives.

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